dapper day

dapper day


Hello, kittens! I’ve been considering starting a blog to fully express my love of all things pinup for a long time (some stuff just doesn’t fit in an Instagram caption), and what better way to make my debut than with the fulfillment of one of my pinup dreams: attending Dapper Day!

If you didn’t know, Dapper Day is a lovely event held twice a year at Disney parks around the world (Disneyland, Disney World and Euro Disney) where people dress up in their finest fashion to visit the parks. It’s not exclusive to  vintage fashion, but it’s definitely been widely embraced by the vintage/pinup community. This combination of two of my favorite things (fabulous fashion and Disney) entranced me every time I saw it pop up on my Instagram feed, but it was hard for me to justify making the trip from Wisconsin until a dear college friend returned to her home state of California for grad school. Like a perfect storm, I suddenly had a person to visit who also wanted to go to Dapper Day with me!

This was my very first trip to Disneyland, California and the west coast in general, so I was super excited! We got into Anaheim on Saturday night and made a stop at Trader Sam’s (post on that to come) before heading to bed early to get plenty of beauty sleep.


We stayed at the Howard Johnson Anaheim which was 60stastic and had some Mary Blair art in the rooms! I had to take my morning selfies in front of that print. I knew it was going to be a potentially hot, tiring day, so I didn’t try anything too dramatic with my hair or makeup. Just my tried-and-true standbys!


Dress: Lindy Bop
Brooch: Femme de Bloom
Parasol: Dapper Day
Shoes: Skechers
Gloves: Vintage

I had my heart set on wearing one of the pieces PUG previewed from the summer line…when I found out it wouldn’t be released in time, I had to make a new new plan! I ended up really happy with how light and airy my outfit was…it reminded me a little of Mary Poppins, so I had to wear my “Practically Perfect in Every Way” brooch!

The day was honestly full of Disney magic for me! Elise proclaimed it the least stressful day she’d ever had at the park. My number one desire was to go to the Enchanted Tiki Room (I told this to the guest services survey taker at the gate who said “I…don’t get that a lot!”) and have my first Dole Whip, so that’s where we went first after procuring (Hyper)Space Mountain FastPasses.


I got my treat, got bonked on the head by Rongo’s flowers (oops), and another guest enthused about how well I’d matched the surroundings with my green dress and purple hair…guess the Tiki Room truly is my natural habitat!

The rest of the day really was just lovely. The weather was perfect, and we pretty much didn’t wait in line the whole day. I didn’t end up picking anything up at the Expo, but I went a little bit crazy buying pins in the park, so you’ll see plenty of those in the future!


In addition to being stylish, my parasol turned out to be a godsend for this pasty Midwesterner. I was having so much fun that I completely forgot to reapply sunscreen throughout the day, but no burn for me! Plus, they just make you feel that much more fabulous. I’m definitely going to start carrying one around more often in “normal” life.

Basically, it was absolutely everything I could have hoped it would be. I got to meet the Mouse himself…he kissed my hand, and my heart went all aflutter! As we were walking out, Elise said she wished we could get one more photo or have one more Disney moment, and the second we stepped out of the gift store, the Soundsational parade started! People had been setting up blankets for hours, but we watched the whole thing from the balcony of the train station. It really was a magical moment!

Since we were just there for the day, I didn’t venture over to California Adventure, but I definitely want to check it out next time. I can’t believe it took me this long to finally visit Disneyland, but it was worth it to have such a magical & dapper first time!


3 thoughts on “dapper day

  1. Hello! Just found your blog today, and very glad I did. You look so cute here! I love the parasol. I need to remember to bring mine around with me – I always have the intention to accessorize but end up running out of time and leaving the house with just earrings, if I”m lucky.


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