I’ve been on the hunt for a great lemon print dress for a long time. One that, in the words of a dear friend, “Looks like grandma wallpaper. But in a good way.” My grandparents do, in fact, have some pretty fabulous fruit wallpaper in their kitchen, and maybe that’s part of my subconscious desire for a lemon dress. I was eyeing one on eShakti that promptly sold out, and ended up getting my hands on a Lady V London that turned out to be too small. So when I was idly catching up on some blog posts and saw the ladies of Junebugs & Georgia Peaches rocking some fruit-tastic fashion, I knew I had to check out the New York & Company Eva Mendes collection for myself. As luck would have it, they were having a sitewide 50% off sale, and one thing lead to another…

I originally had my eye on the Felicity dress, which was out of stock in my size, but I’m actually really happy that I got separates. That’s twice the options for lemon-related outfits!


Skirt: New York & Company | Top: Kohl’s | Cardigan: Dress Barn | Necklace: Modcloth | Pin: Dapper Day

The Maddie skirt is a little less full than my usual silhouette, but still very pretty. I’ve had some difficulty recently with feeling smushed in non-stretch skirts that run small at the waist, so I decided to size up on this one just to be safe. I think I would have been fine in my regular size, but this one definitely has plenty of breathing room, which is a nice change!


I wanted to echo the yellows of the skirt with my cardigan, and I chose to wear my “Greetings from California” Dapper Day pin because a) it’s adorable and b) it reminded me of the delicious lemon ricotta pancakes that Elise made me while I was visiting using a lemon from her parent’s yard! I don’t think I’ve ever had a lemon that was more delicious. I think this skirt would also look gorgeous with a simple, crisp white blouse, which I do not currently own, but I might have to start hunting for now! Or a sleeveless blouse with a tie-up front for spending weekends lounging on a slightly upscale patio? Yes please!


Top: New York & Company | Skirt: Eloquii | Blazer: Kohl’s | Earrings: Local maker | Ring: Kate Spade | Bracelet: Vintage | Tights: Target

The Tess blouse is cute but a little weird. It’s shorter than I expected (possibly because my bust is making it ride up, to be fair), but I would pretty much always plan to wear it tucked into high-waisted bottoms, so I can work with it. The back of the top is sheer. Dark sheer…but definitely sheer. Looking at it again, this seems more obvious from the model photos, but it’s still a bit odd, especially since it seems to be presented as workwear. I would have to wear a tanktop under this or a blazer/cardigan over it in an office environment, but I guess it is kind of flirty fun for when you’re wearing it out? I think this would look great tucked into some high-waisted shorts…once it gets a little warmer, we’ll see if I’m right!


I was dressed up for a big meeting at work, and this lemon top definitely helped me feel like I still had a spark of personality within the restrictions of business attire.

Even outside the Eva Mendes collection (which is great), there are several pieces on the New York & Company site that I have my eye on. I’ve worn this brand before and find it to be very high quality, so it’s great to snag nice pieces like this at such a good price. I always love the opportunity to find vintage inspired pieces at brands that aren’t necessarily retro/vintage focused; as much as I love the major repro brands, you sometimes start to feel like you see yourself coming and going! It’s great to mix in some different pieces and be able to create outfits that feel fresh.

Do you have a favorite “unexpected” source of retro fashion?


4 thoughts on “lemons

  1. This review was wonderful, and very helpful! I totally feel you on the wallpaper/fruit print connection. I just ordered the newest Trashy Diva print because it reminds me of a mosaic that my grandparents had in their kitchen!


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