maker spotlight: femme de bloom

maker spotlight: femme de bloom

When I thought about highlighting the creative makers of the retro/vintage scene, I knew there was one shop I absolutely had to talk about first: Femme De Bloom!

I don’t remember anymore how I happened upon Melanie’s shop…I’m sure I saw some other pinup wearing one of her adorable brooches and promptly headed over to her Instagram and fell down the rabbit hole.

Femme De Bloom is full of beautiful, colorful vintage-inspired handmade jewelry, including lots of pieces with Disney and nerdy inspiration! Everything I’ve gotten from her has been absolutely darling and looks exactly like it did in the listing (unfortunately not always a guarantee!). Her pieces are lightweight but still feel very substantial; I wasn’t nervous at all traveling with these brooches and collar clips in my jewelry bag. Which I definitely did, because I adore them and always want to have the option to pair one of these great pieces with my outfit!

How about a little fashion show?

2015-10-20 08.08.18

Spooky! Did y’all know I used to be a redhead with bleached bangs who didn’t know how to style her hair? It’s true! These cute little Jack o’ Lanterns (currently out of stock) were the perfect fall/Halloween accessory.


Beauty & the Beast is one of my all-time favorite movies, so the “Tale as Old as Time” brooch had to be at the top of my list.


If you follow me on Instagram, you know by now that I am 100% Team Cap! I love being able to show off my team pride with these sweater/collar clips!


These Totoro clips (currently out of stock) might be the cutest thing I’ve ever worn in my entire life. I absolutely coo over them every time I see them.


But my very favorite purchase has to be this Mary Poppins brooch (currently out of stock). There’s something about wearing a brooch that proudly proclaims “Practically perfect in every way” that just makes you feel a little bit more, well, perfect. Much like the lady herself.


Basically, if you haven’t bought anything from Femme De Bloom before and you like Disney, nerdery, and cute things…you’re missing out! There’s absolutely no reason not to place your first order today. In fact, looking up links for this post has got me thinking about picking up some more pretties for myself – so go and pick out what you want before I buy it out from under you!


2 thoughts on “maker spotlight: femme de bloom

  1. Your Femme De Bloom collection is amazing! I saw those Cap Collar Clips on you on IG and have been eagerly awaiting a restock ever since! I’m in love with my Alice brooch from her shop. Can you believe she’s also a full-time grad student?!?


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