wishlist: pineapples!

wishlist: pineapples!

Pineapples are having a real moment right now, which is 100% okay with me because I am super into pineapples. Not only are they delicious, but they say “tikifabulous” more than any other fruit. And I certainly want my life to be as tikifabulous as possible.


  1. Wooden bowls: I’m absolutely obsessed with the vintage wooden pineapple bowls that are all over Etsy. They’re so charmingly rough-hewn, they really have an island vibe.
  2. Rug: This rug would be great for adding a little bit of funky flair to an entryway or a kitchen.
  3. Candle: I actually do own this, but it’s so great I had to include it. I can’t wait to burn down the candle and have an awesome little pineapple jar to fill with, IDK, candy or secrets or something.
  4. Barware: Okay so I am absolutely obsessed with everything on this website. These are gorgeous and obviously high quality…one day I swear I’ll own one!
  5. Hooks: Give your house a little bit of that island flair!
  6. Necklace: These are so delicate and pretty. I would wear it…90% of my days.
  7. Lamp: Target is seriously on their game with the pineapple merch this season! How many white ceramic pineapples is too many?
  8. Purse: Of course, the ultimate way to bring your tropical style with you everywhere you go. It’s so charming, I can’t even stand it.

Are there any pineapples on your wishlist?

Disclaimer: I have not ordered from the majority of these stores & can’t vouch for the actual products.

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