summer essentials: sunhat

summer essentials: sunhat

It’s finally summer, even up here in the chilly Midwest (please oh please don’t snow again)! In order to celebrate the season, I thought I’d start sharing some of my personal pinup summer essentials. Everything you need to have a fun and fabulous summer! First up: a big floppy hat.


Is there anything more glamorous than a wide-brimmed hat? Nope! Plopping one of these on your head automatically makes every outfit much more fabulous, whether it’s a sundress, a stylish bathing suit, or even just shorts and a t-shirt. The wider the brim, the higher the glamour, though you do have to take care that your brim is stiff enough to stand up to its own weight. No one likes to be blinded by their own hat.

2015-07-11 11.46.39

Floppy hats are also especially useful for pale girls, like myself, who want to avoid a deeply UN-fabulous sunburn while gallivanting around at car shows and festivals and barbecues. I got this hat for around $15 at Target two summers ago, and I definitely have gotten more than my money’s worth for it! I’ve had my eye on this ultra-giant hat from Pinup Girl for a while now…maybe this summer I’ll finally take the leap.

Are you a hat person? Don’t forget to follow for more summer pinup tips!


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