summer essentials: sunglasses

summer essentials: sunglasses

Sunnies, shades, haterblockers: whatever you want to call them, every pinup needs to have a fierce pair of sunglasses.

audrey sunglasses

In addition to protecting your eyes from the sun (squinting is never sexy), sunglasses are perfect for helping to preserve an air of mystery. What is she looking at? What is she thinking? Is her eyeliner even? Who knows! Only you!


I will admit that I’m super jealous of all the non-glasses wearing gals out there who can just pick up a fabulous pair of sunnies off the rack and rock them all summer. I’ve always had a not-so-secret desire for heart-shaped sunglasses or some of those with little flowers on the edges. But for those of us who need a prescription, my favorite source for glasses both sun and non is Bonlook. My usual regular glasses and sunglasses are both Keiko frames, but I also have regular frames in Dolled Up which would be super cute sunnies too.

Do you have a favorite pair of sunglasses for summer?


2 thoughts on “summer essentials: sunglasses

  1. Totally feeling your pain on the prescription-sunglasses business! I’ve always wanted to be able to wear Wayfarers and see at the same time.


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