summer essentials: shorts

summer essentials: shorts

This summer essential requires a bit of a peekaboo…look quick!



My next summer essential is a good pair of shorts. I honestly don’t think I could survive through the warmer months without these! Let me tell you why.

First off, those of us with bodacious thighs know the dreaded curse of summertime friction. I’ve heard of all sorts of preventative measures, from special powders to deodorant, but a plain ol’ pair of shorts do the trick just fine with a bevy of other benefits that pinups of all sizes can appreciate.

Want to plop down on the ground without constantly fretting and rearranging your skirts around you? Afraid that a rogue gust of wind will be much less charming on you than Marilyn? Need to clamber over a fence for totally legitimate reasons? SHORTS. Wearing a pair of shorts under your pretties means you’re 100% ready for whatever adventures summertime might have in store.

There are a lot of different options, obviously, but this trusty pair of black Champion exercise shorts have served me well for a long time. There are a lot of pretty bloomers out there that are a bit more aesthetically appealing, but I kind of like the “can-do” sporty feel of my black shorts. Plus, the spandex provides a nice subtle smoothing effect…I’m not really big into shapewear at any time of the year, and I’m definitely not about to try to cram myself into something thick and restricting when it’s hot out. But a nice, simple pair of exercise shorts helps everything stay in place while I’m out and about.

Do you wear secret shorts under your fabulous outfits?  Let me know!


3 thoughts on “summer essentials: shorts

  1. Shorts are a godsend once the temperature gets above 65 or so! Also, your list of Situations Improved By Secret Shorts cracked me up! My sister always wears bike shorts, too.


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