oh havana

oh havana


Holy Havana, y’all!

The Havana Nights Dress is a dress that’s easy to overlook among the wide variety of tempting treats available from Pinup Girl Clothing. Sure, there’s some fervor over the rare cool and warm cabana stripes printed versions, but it’s not a flashy dress. It’s simple. It’s a workhorse. And that’s why I’m totally obsessed with it.


I’ll admit that I had the Havana on my shopping list as a “should” buy. It wasn’t a fun new release or a colorful pattern. “I could wear that to work,” I said to myself. “It’ll be easy to wear in the winter.” (A very important consideration for pinups in the Great White North.) And all of that is true!


But Havana? She’s more than simple…she’s effortless. By herself, I’m Audrey Hepburn. Totally chic without even trying.


Havana isn’t a spotlight hog, though. She’s perfectly happy to work with others.


This dress is perfect for work. The black version will literally go with anything. Any cardigan. Any belt. Any tights. Any brooch. Make her your canvas.


The V-neck gives the dress some interest while still being appropriately covered up for corporate America. I have a million ideas for outfits to create with this dress…it’s going to be difficult to force myself to keep a respectable amount of time between wearings!


For this first outing, I paired my Havana with a new cardigan from New York & Company. I absolutely love the beautiful corsage detailing – you don’t even have to pick a brooch!

Have you ever loved a dress more than you expected to?


4 thoughts on “oh havana

  1. This is a delightful review — I love the Havana on you, and totally agree about it being a perfect dress for work! It seems like you were Havana good time when you wrote this.


    I’ve had so many things now that I loved a little more each time I wore them, but my leopard Heidi dress comes to mind. It’s not a full circle skirt, so I wasn’t sure I’d love it, but HOLY CRAP DO I EVER.


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