review: ELF eyebrow kit

review: ELF eyebrow kit

I am a recent yet fervent devotee to the Power of the Almighty Brow. It’s not something you realize until you start going for it, but your eyebrows seriously set the stage for your whole face. This is especially true for pinup looks, where a strong yet shapely brow can really take you from “nice” to “WOWZA!” Hilariously enough, I spent most of my younger, blonder years obsessing over how DARK and BUSHY my brows were. And now I’m like “fill ‘er in, boys!”

For the past few months, I’ve just been filling in my brows lightly with eyeshadow, but I felt ready to take it to the next level…while preferably not entering a whole new level of spending. So I asked a bunch of ladies for their favorite drugstore brow product, and the response was all but unanimous: ELF brow gel.


Here are my brows au naturale. You may notice that they are somewhat patchy, because I have a terrible habit of pulling at them when I’m stressed. They’re a little bit darker than my natural hair color, but obviously significantly lighter than my current violet tresses. (Sidenote: I mentioned this on Instagram, but does anyone else get suuuuper weirded out looking at photos of themselves without glasses on? Obviously I see myself without glasses in the mirror on a daily basis, but it’s just…much weirder in a photo.)

The $3 kit comes with a brow gel, a setting powder, and a tiny dual-ended brush to use with both of them. I debated between the shades “light” and “medium” for a while, and ended up going with light.


I generally don’t use brushes included with a drugstore product (they never quite cut it), so I applied the brow gel with my Sonia Kashuk angle brush. I tried to focus on creating a nice dark, strong shape at the center to help shape the brow, then going lighter at the tail. My eyebrows are not perfectly even (whose are???) and I haven’t done any major shaping to them, so I just kind of tried to use my placement of  the gel to help emphasize the natural arch of my brows.


The first time I used the product, I added the included setting powder on top, but I’ve found I actually prefer to use a bit of purple eyeshadow (Urban Decay’s “Vanity”) instead! It doesn’t give you “WHOA PURPLE BROWS,” but it’s a little bit darker/more dramatic and I like to think it helps tie everything together!


And voila, add shadow, liner, and mascara, and those eyes are ready to go!

I’m so happy I picked up this eyebrow kit; I’ve been waffling for a long time about what to get for my brows (I know everyone and their mother loves Anastasia Beverly Hills), and it was great to have a nice, inexpensive product I could pick up and try out without feeling like I was making a huge commitment. The gel definitely holds up well (I’ve accidentally touched them a few times and come away with product on my fingers, but the brow itself looks fine), and it washes off easily with just a light cleanser. I definitely feel like my pinup game has been bumped up a few points now that I’m at least on the JV squad of Team Brow!

Do you do your brows? Are there any other minor changes that you think make a HUGE difference in your overall look?


3 thoughts on “review: ELF eyebrow kit

  1. Wow, brows really DO change the whole look of one’s face! I’ve never done mine, but the makeup artist did them for my wedding, and I’m pretty much a convert now! Gotta check out this kit…

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