pretty but prickly (modcloth review)

pretty but prickly (modcloth review)

Modcloth was one of the first vintage-inspired sites I ordered clothes from, but I recently realized that it’s been a really long time since I ordered from there. I’ve definitely gotten more heavily into the repro brands, but there are still lots of lovely things on the Modcloth site. I hadn’t ever ordered something from their own label, but when I saw these cactus pieces, I simply couldn’t resist.

I remember being positively fascinated by a small potted cactus in the guest bedroom at my grandma’s house growing up. I would get in as close as possible to look at the almost hairy-looking needles. I had been clearly instructed not to touch, so obviously I had to take as much of it in with my peepers as possible (also I totally touched it). Though my black thumb means that not even cacti are safe in my care, I’ve always been fond of them!


You can’t kill a print, though! Much like my lemons, I was excited to purchase a top and skirt that would allow me to pair each one individually or wear them together for one super-duper cactus themed outfit.

In a classic mix-up, I had opposite fit issues with my two pieces. I sized up in the Flutter Yourself top because I worried that the floaty, sheer top would look awkward if it was too tight around the bust. It works, but I definitely could have gone for a size down. Conversely, I was on the cusp between sizes in the Go Where You Want to Grow skirt but decided to stick with the smaller size since there’s an elastic panel in the waistband. It does fit, but a size up probably would have been the better fit. Either way, I’m happy to keep both pieces, and it’s always a bit of an adventure trying to figure out sizing in a new brand.


Both pieces are super cute. I love that the skirt actually has embroidered detail on it, not just a print – it really takes it to the next level and makes it look that much nicer. Because the top is a little bit bigger than I would prefer, it bloused a bit much when I tucked it in, but I think it’ll also look really cute out and belted. It’s a really light, breezy piece for summer, but it is definitely pretty sheer. It wasn’t so sheer that I felt like I needed to wear a full camisole with a nude bra, but the back showed enough of what was going on there that I wouldn’t have felt comfortable going without a cardigan in the office.


This is also one of my first days setting my new middy haircut! I definitely still have some tweaking to do in order to achieve my ideal look, but overall I’m really happy with how this first attempt turned out and am glad that I took the plunge.

Top: Modcloth
Skirt: Modcloth
Cardigan: Dress Barn
Necklace: Shop Ruche
Earrings: Local maker

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