blue ribbon beer run

blue ribbon beer run

It’s car show day, kittens!


The Blue Ribbon Beer Run was one of the first vintage-y events I attended in real life after I started getting into pinup style, so it will always have a special place in my heart. This great local car show showcases pre-1964 hot rod and kustom cars, and proceeds benefit the MS Society of Wisconsin so it’s a lot of fun AND for a great cause.


I will admit that I don’t know much about cars, but I do like to look at them! I’ve often wished that I could drive a 1957 Thunderbird that magically has the inner workings and gas mileage of a modern car…until then, I guess I’ll just have to pose with the pretty cars that I see.


I also was so excited to see that Atomic Starlet would be vending at the show – I’m a huge fan of A Vintage Vanity and have been meaning to pick up one of her skirts. This way I got to get one in person AND chat with the lady herself!


Aren’t we a cute candy-colored pair? I’ll post a full review of the skirt I bought once I have a chance to wear it.

I had actually planned on wearing a different Pinup Girl Clothing dress today, but I’m glad I went with the peasant blouse (review here!) and my cherries Jenny. It felt like just the right mix of pretty and playful for the show, and the green goes great with my new, darker hair.

Speaking of hair…I definitely went out of my comfort zone in my styling attempts today! I actually planned on two victory rolls, but well…I somehow ended up with three. Oops!


The shorter layers made it sooo much easier to style, which was great, and my new Suavecita hairspray did a wonderful job of keeping it almost entirely in place, even through high winds.


I also received my Belle Blossoms July beauty box this morning…I’ll do a full review of it later, but I was thrilled to receive a hair flower that turned out to be absolutely perfect for my outfit today! Hooray!

Any day where you get to cheer on your fellow pinups, rock out to some rockabilly music, and get your photo taken is a good one in my book. Cheers to another great year at the Beer Run – can’t wait for next year!


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