new accessories storage

new accessories storage

I’m always fascinated to see how people organize things; I went to The Container Store for the first time a few weeks ago and left with the distinct impression that my life has been in shambles up until now without me ever knowing it. So since I just switched things in my accessories/vanity set-up around a bit, I thought I’d share! The lighting in my bedroom is not very good, so sorry about the wonky photos!


I have my dresser and my garment rack along one wall of my bedroom, and I keep all my accessories over there. You can’t see, but directly to the left of the photo are my mirrored closet doors, so this is definitely the best spot in the apartment for getting ready in the morning! I immediately hung up the hair flower organizer I got in my last Belle’s Beauty Box and started filling it up with hair accessories!


I’ll zoom you in a little closer. I keep my necklaces, dangley earrings, and some bracelets on a jewelry organizer from World Market mounted on the wall. Of course all of my pretties are flanked with the beautiful Bettie Page and Dita Von Teese prayer candles my bestie got me (aren’t they amazing???), and I have a painting of me (I KNOW) that another lovely friend gave me for my birthday last year up to remind me to always be a bombshell. On the right is a mirrored tray from Target with a jewelry organizer (also from Target) that holds hairbows, stud earrings, and rings. I also have some special jewelry on there (my pearls and some Lord of the Rings jewelry, which really tells you everything you need to know about me.


And finally, the new star of the show! I saw Tangerine Menagerie post on Instagram about her new brooch organization system, and since she’s obviously as good at organizing brooches as she is at making them, I immediately copied her. These office organizers are from Poppin – they’re great because they all nest together and you can slide them and adjust them pretty much however you want. I got a mint letter tray, the white medium tray, and two small mint trays. The actual organization may adjust as my collection grows and changes; for now, I have enamel pins in one of the small trays, a few special pieces from my grandma in the other, cardigan clips in the white tray, and my other brooches below.

It feels so good to have things neat and tidy! I love being able to see my whole collection at a glance; it makes it so much easier to put together outfits and find the perfect piece.

How do you organize your jewelry?


5 thoughts on “new accessories storage

  1. Your dresser is so tidy! I’m totally envious — mine is a disaster area. I think part of the problem for me is that my dresser is so tall that I can’t really put too many stacking things on top of it, because I won’t be able to see inside!


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