the babe and the bugs

the babe and the bugs

This past weekend was not just my birthday, but also one of my favorite events of the whole year: Germanfest! This celebration of German culture and heritage is a family tradition, and I look forward to the polka music, the yodeling, and the delicious food all year long.


I pulled out my red, yellow, and black best and my German flower  crown and prepared to celebrate!

Of course, like other ladies I know, I have a bit of an…affliction when it comes to cute old cars…


I have to pose with them! The Milwaukee Area Volkswagen Club was set up on the festival grounds, and I was of course immediately drawn in by this adorable Herbie! I used to love watching the original Herbie movies with my dad when I was little; this Love Bug actually had one of them playing on a portable DVD player in the backseat! How cool is that?


This blue 1967 Beetle was such a darling color. I think blue goes really well with purple, don’t you?


There were a lot of other cute Volkswagens in the tent (including some amazing VW buses and a Bug with a Rolls Royce kit!) but this yellow convertible really captured my heart. Too cute!

I know they aren’t the usual hotrods and kustoms that pinups like to pose with, but I was pretty darn charmed by this cuties and I had to get a pic or two! It’s funny – when I was a kid, my mom was the one telling my sister and I to go stand next to a sign or with a mascot to get a picture, and we used to mooooooan about it. Now I’m the one constantly handing my phone to my family and asking them to take a few pics!

Do you have the Pinup Compulsion to pose next to any and all vintage cars that capture your heart?

Outfit Details:

Cardigan: MAK (via Modcloth)
Top: Target
Skirt: Eshakti
Necklace: Shop Ruche
Flower Crown: Germanfest vendors


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