darling doris (PUG review)

darling doris (PUG review)

Much like the Havana nights dress I reviewed back in June, Pinup Girl Clothing’s Doris skirt is a soft-spoken lady. She’s often overshadowed by her louder and more giggly sister, the Jenny, but don’t pass her by.


I’m planning to do a mega masterpost about dressing pinup/vintage in the workplace (is that someone you’d be interested in? Let me know in the comments!), but I will give you a spoiler right now: the Doris skirt is the PERFECT skirt for the office. I picked one up somewhat on a whim; I needed a nice basic black skirt, and I already own several Jennys. I knew that the Doris had been redesigned with a fuller sweep and pockets, so I took the leap – I’m so glad I did!


The Doris has a good amount of fullness even without a crinoline; I really like the “swing” of the skirt. It has a lot of body without the full-on POOF of a Jenny. The pockets are nice and deep, and it has real belt loops which is always a plus. I do have to say that I’m once again distressed by the length of the belts PUG includes with their dresses – I ordered the Doris in my usual 2X, and it fits very comfortably, but the belt is wayyy too short. I can only close it on the very last hole if I want to be able to sit down – please make longer belts!

I still love my Jenny skirts, but I’m definitely head over heels for Doris! I’d love to collect a whole rainbow of them to mix and match however I choose…but I guess basic black is a good start.

Are you a Doris fan?


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