spooky style icons | glam ghoul’s guide

spooky style icons | glam ghoul’s guide

Happy SPOOKtember! To me, Halloween isn’t a day – it’s a season! So I’m excited to bring you my Glam Ghoul’s Guide; throughout September and October, I’ll be sharing costume ideas, decorating tips, crafts, wishlists, and anything else a glamorous ghoul might need to have the perfect Halloween.


I couldn’t think of a better way to kick off the Glam Ghoul’s Guide than with a look at some of my own personal spooky style inspirations. Let’s get to it!


Morticia Addams
The queen of gothic glamour, rocking a gorgeous but relatively understated look. Simple, chic black, red lips, red nails: perfect. Not only is she terrifyingly beautiful, but her marriage to Gomez is major #relationshipgoals.


Lydia Deetz
Lydia rocks some great looks throughout the movie (I’m especially a fan of her oversized black hat), but can anything compare to the frothy Victorian goth confection that is the red wedding dress?


Bride of Frankenstein
That hair. Those brows. Elsa Lanchester’s portrayal of the Bride of Frankenstein is iconic for good reason. Just looking at this photo is making me yearn for a dramatic, vampy lip!


Where would we be without this glamorous spooky babe? A little bit of camp mixed with a whole lot of gorgeous is a recipe for perfection in my book!


Dita Von Teese
Okay, she’s not technically spooky, but she can definitely pull off the darker side of beauty. This marriage may not have been meant to be, but this look was to die for.


Mrs. Lovett
Helena Bonham Carter wears some fabulous creepy Victorian outfits in Sweeney Todd, but who could resist this amazing stripey beach outfit?


I am a huuuuge Buffy fan, and I’ve always had a special admiration for the lovely Drusilla. Cruel, crazy, and always fabulous. Plus, she had the hottest dude on the show eating out of her hand, so…generally admirable.

Who are your favorite stylishly spooky ladies? I can’t wait to explore my own spooky side more as we enter this Halloween season.

If you have ideas/requests for the Glam Ghoul’s Guide, please feel free to leave them in a comment or get in touch with me wherever you find me!


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