my tattoo story

my tattoo story

I got my first tattoo for my birthday last year. I’d been thinking about tattoos for a really long time, but I had always been scared to actually go for it. Scared it would hurt. Scared to commit to something that permanent. But once I took the leap, I loved it so much…and I immediately started thinking about what I wanted to get next!

I’m sure it’s no surprise that I wanted my tattoos to reflect my vintage aesthetic. My swallow was a very traditional Sailor Jerry-style flash piece, but this time I was craving something soft and beautiful. I’ve really been exploring my ultra-femme side lately and feeling more and more connected to that side of my style.

Once I’d done plenty of Pinterest and Instagram trolling and had a good idea of what style of tattoo I wanted, I put out the call for recommendations. One of my friends recommended Private Stock, and when I saw Molly’s portfolio, I knew she was the artist I wanted to work with!

During my consult, I told Molly that I wanted something like vintage floral wallpaper. No point in beating around the bush, right? She was booking pretty far out, so I anxiously waited over a month before my appointment finally came around. When I got in, the sketch was just what I’d hoped for. She applied the template and away we went!

This one was definitely more painful than the last. It took 3 hours, and I was really sore by the end. I distracted myself by reading The Cursed Child, which was…a different kind of painful (any Potterheads want to talk about that??). But it was sooooo worth it.


I absolutely love it! The shading is so soft and delicate, it’s exactly what I wanted. I keep looking down at it and being surprised that something so beautiful is on me!


This is my “Instagram Model” face

If you’re considering your first tattoo, here are my tips for first time tattoo-bies:

  1. Bring something to distract yourself. Some shops will let you have a friend with you (I brought a friend along for my first!), some won’t. You may not be able to focus enough to read/listen to music/whatever while you’re there, but it’s better to have something just in case!
  2. Make sure you pick an artist you can trust. I didn’t see either of my tattoos until I walked into my appointment, but I wasn’t nervous. In my opinion, if I trust someone enough to put something permanent on my body, I should be confident enough that they can design something I like. If an artist or shop gives you a bad feeling or seems sketchy, don’t be afraid to walk away!
  3. Look at a lot of tattoos while you’re deciding what you want. This is really obvious advice, but I think there is a big difference between just seeing a piece of art/a design and actually seeing it on a body. You can certainly take inspiration from art, but I’d recommend getting an idea of what that kind of piece might actually look like.
  4. Take the aftercare instructions seriously! After reading a lot of horror stories online prior to getting my tattoos, I was nervous! Thankfully, I’ve had two completely easy, drama-free healing processes. The aftercare isn’t difficult; just keep up with it so you can enjoy your beautiful art to the fullest!
  5. Have fun! And even if you tell yourself you only want one, prepare to develop an addiction 😉

Do you have any tattoos? What’s your favorite?

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