smuggler’s cover book signing

smuggler’s cover book signing

From the glowing review I gave Smuggler’s Cove: Exotic Cocktails, Rum, and the Cult of Tiki (which is 41% off on Amazon right now!), I’m sure it’s no surprise to anyone that when I found out authors Martin & Rebecca Cate would be doing a signing event at my home tiki bar Foundation, my reaction was a little something like this:


The signing was on a week night, so I had to carefully plan out my outfit choice! I knew that this would probably be one of the last times I could wear my beautiful Hearts & Found tiki dress this year, but the halter neck & front cutout definitely take that off the table for work. But, being me, there was no way I didn’t want to be feeling the tiki vibes all day long.


I’ve found myself turning to my tiki Little Jun a lot lately. The print is unbelievably amazing, of course (I actually had a coworker told me she was lying in bed thinking about this print after I wore it!), but the style of the skirt is also really lovely. The elastic panels are great for providing a nice fit without feeling like you have a vise around your middle. I’m super excited to pick up more Little Juns (especially the spiderweb one!)


For accessories that go from office to tiki bar, I had to pull out my pieces from Meteor Jewelry Company (reviewed here)! With my tiki dress safely stashed in a bag, I worked a normal day before transforming into a tiki princess for the event…and walked straight into a monsoon. The storm was pretty intense, but I wasn’t about to let a little rain keep me from paradise! It definitely made the cocktails that much sweeter…


I never miss an opportunity for a Singapore Sling! Pam had never had one before, but she jumped in with me.


Cheers! Our event tickets came with two cocktails from the book – we were given small plastic cups when we came in, so I figured they’d be mini cocktails and went ahead and ordered my Sling. Oops – they totally weren’t mini! More exotic drinks than expected…what a struggle…… I really enjoyed both of the drinks, but my favorite was definitely the Eureka Punch. So refreshing – I’ll definitely plan to have it on the menu at my next party!

I always love going to vintage/rockabilly/etc. events, because the people are so nice. It’s easy to make new friends whenever where you go! We ended up chatting with some other cool tiki fiends, and hopefully we’ll meet up again in the faux-tropics soon.

And, of course, I couldn’t walk away without a new mug…


Isn’t he a beautiful beast?? This was definitely pricier than I normally go for mugs, but I just couldn’t resist. He’s #270 of a limited run of 500 mugs signed and numbered especially for the book tour. He already has a place of honor on my tiki mug shelf – he’s almost too big to fit, but I managed to carefully slide him in! I also brought home two Smuggler’s Cove swizzle sticks to add to my collection. (Would anyone be interested in seeing a show & tell of my barware collection? Let me know!)

You can find more upcoming dates for the book tour on the Smuggler’s Cove Facebook page. If they’re coming to a tiki bar near you, I highly recommend stopping by!

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