fall favorites tag

fall favorites tag


Fall is finally in the air – can you feel it? Today was the first properly cool day, and it only intensified my autumnal lust. Way back in the olden days when I first started internetting, there were these hip thing called tags. A list of questions would travel through the blogosphere as each blogger “tagged” their friends to answer it. And since this is a retro blog, I figured why not go for a retro blog post to help me celebrate the arrival of autumn? I found this “I ❤ Fall” tag in a few old blog posts – so let’s do it!

1. Favorite Fall lip product?

I love a dark, dramatic lip for fall! Black or purple if I can swing it; I’m still looking for the perfect wine lipstick for work – let me know if you have one!

2. Favorite Fall Nail Polish?

Black, of course.

3. Favorite Starbucks Fall Drink?

I don’t really have a special fall drink of choice? My heart belongs to peppermint mocha, so I mostly just wait for the holiday drinks to start, though I did really enjoy the “Frappula” last year…hopefully they’ll bring it back!

4. Favorite Fall Candle?

Yankee Candle’s Mountain Lodge AKA “The Boyfriend Candle.” I totally bought two new ones in a sale this year and I am not at all ashamed. Smelling it is like burrowing my face in the plaid-covered chest of my musky boyfriend on a weekend getaway to his folks’ cabin.

5. Favorite Fall scarf or accessory?

Do boots count as an accessory? Because definitely cute boots.

6. Haunted house, haunted hay ride, or haunted corn maze?

None of the above, thanks! I do NOT do haunted anything. I have been a hardcore wimp my whole life, and I have no intentions of changing now. My dad actually had to carry me out of my first haunted house.

7. Favorite Halloween movie?

As a kid, my number one fave was definitely Scooby Doo & the Ghoul School. Nowadays, I love movies with a macabre vibe like The Addams Family and Beetlejuice.

8. Favorite candy to eat on Halloween?


9. What are you dressing up as for Halloween?

That’s a surprise 😉

10. What is your favorite thing about Fall?

Oh man. I love the change in the weather. The crispness in the air. Everything starts to feel fresh again, but there’s also that overlay of witchy feeling, like something is about to happen. I love hot apple cider (and all apple things, really) and wearing a cute jacket and sweaters.

If you’re reading this and also have a fondness for the olden days of blogging, consider yourself tagged! Give it a shot!


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