g-g-g-gia | PUG review

g-g-g-gia | PUG review

(Post title is to be sung to the tune of those old Chia Pet commercials.)

I’ve talked before about my tendency to go for dresses and skirts and find myself short on tops. So when I realized that the Gia top from Pinup Girl Clothing was almost a perfect match for this fabulous blouse:


I decided to just take the leap and go for it!


The photos make the Gia look more on the teal side, but it’s definitely a lovely true forest green in person. I actually picked up this piece about a month ago, but I was waiting for the first proper fall day. The Gia is a polyester & spandex blend, so it’s not exactly warm but it’s definitely not breathable enough for summer. It’s very stretchy, and it shapes well to your body. The faux wrap in the front is super flattering! I have to admit that this type of fabric really isn’t my favorite; it always feels vaguely swimsuit-esque to me. But you definitely wouldn’t be able to get the same kind of shape otherwise, and I don’t mind it. I had a hard time deciding whether to wear the top in or out. Tucked in felt like I was covering up too much of the fun wrap detail, so I left it out, but it did ride up a lot during the day. I was tugging it down every time I stood up.


The other nice thing about the Gia is that it’s easy to adjust the bust for work or play! It just takes a little bit of shimmying to bring the girls out…or to cover them up in the office. Can you say “day to evening”?? The cut of the top also makes it great for a wide range of bust sizes.


I paired this lovely autumnal green top with my new pumpkin earrings from Summer Blue Jewelry (look for a full review of all my new Halloween accessories from there coming soon!).


I’m just so excited that it’s finally fall! There are so many new outfits to play with! And I have to say…a top like this does make me tempted to give in to the desire for some fabulous pants. It would pair so well with them, and I’m also already brainstorming some Christmas-related outfits with it. We’ll see what the future holds!


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