ode to bottlebrush trees

ode to bottlebrush trees

Oh bottlebrush tree, oh bottlebrush tree
How lovely are thy bristles
Your shiny baubles and flecks of snow
Give my heart a Christmas glow
Oh bottlebrush tree, oh bottlebrush tree
How lovely are thy bristles

If I had to pick one favorite Christmas decoration, it would definitely be the bottlebrush tree. These adorable trees combine my love of miniature things, sparkle, flocking, and retro style. I’ve drooled over beautiful vintage bottlebrush trees for a long time, and I’m so thrilled that they’re back in style and easily purchased!

Bottlebrush tree mantel from Like a Saturday.

Their oftentimes candy-colored bristles just fill me with glee! The other great thing about bottlebrush trees is how easy it is to decorate them. Set them anywhere you like…one is good, and more is better! Stick to one color scheme, or mix traditional green in with golds, teals, and pinks. Bauble or no bauble, they’re all precious.


There are tons of tutorials about dyeing and decorating your own trees, which I am super tempted to do! But for now, here’s my current collection:


I went to Target last night on a very specific errand. Bottlebrush trees were not part of that errand, but how could I resist? The two smaller trees are from the front section and were only $3 each ($3!!!), and the pink one was on sale! I never had a chance. I loved setting up this super femme tableau on my new dresser.


I love setting up little scenes with other pieces. These glittery deer are definite favorites of mine. The two smaller trees were from a set last year, but the big gold one was the first Christmas decor purchase I made this year. After admiring it at TJ Maxx for weeks, I finally pulled the trigger.


Another tree from the set, plus one more large one. The little one in front with the red is my only true vintage bottlebrush tree (…for now), and I’m terribly fond of it. When my aunt was in town over the weekend, she saw me admiring this precious little bear with a wreath terrarium/ornament and surprised me with it!

I say my “current” collection, because I’m sure my little bottlebrush forest will grow by the time Christmas actually rolls around. Things might shift around as I start bringing out and acquiring more pieces, but it’s been fun to start introducing some of my Christmas/winter pieces to my decor. Spoiler alert: there will definitely be pleny of holiday content on this blog! If there’s anything particular you’d like to see, let me know!

Any other bottlebrush fanatics?



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