dressed in holiday style

dressed in holiday style

When is it too late to talk about what you wore for Christmas? Oh, that’s right…never!

I’m (mostly) kidding (no I’m not), but I didn’t want to get too far into the year before sharing my holiday outfits.

My immediate family and I (parents, sister, and her boyfriend) decided to have our Christmas celebration on Christmas Eve Eve. We feasted on pizza, opened presents, and watched the king of all Christmas movies: The Muppet Christmas Carol.


I was heading to my parents’ house straight from work, so I wanted an outfit that was festive  but also comfy.


I paired my Pinup Girl Clothing candy cane striped Jenny (sold out – the petite version is here) with a sweater I’ve had for a while. For accessories, I couldn’t resist the holly necklace & earring set I treated myself to from Summer Blue Jewelry and turning myself into the biggest present of all with this amazing giant red bow! I did a Secret Santa swap with my team at work this year, and the lovely lady who had my name got me prosecco, three fabulous bows, and a book. It’s nice to feel known!

I’d been picturing my Christmas Day outfit throughout the whole holiday season as I started collecting pieces. Thankfully, all my festive fashion wishes came true! (Thanks Santa! Or…Baby Jesus?)


How about that Christmas card realness??? Our family tradition is to bring all the fixins for a delicious prime rib feast down to my grandparents house. We headed down on Christmas Eve this year, trunk full of tempting treats.

I always love posing with their tree…there are ornaments on here representing where I went to college all the way back to ones my dad made as a child.


You can tell this is post-present opening because I’ve got on the traditional gift of Christmas socks! As I mentioned in my holiday house tour post, I was very into the idea of a pink Christmas this year. The Reindeer Love skirt from The Oblong Box Shop let me tie in both pink and the more traditional red for an outfit that was the perfect combination of kitsch and classic.


Anyone who follows me on Instagram knows about my love for taking selfies in my grandparents’ downstairs powder room. They took down the fuzzy green stripe wallpaper I loved so dearly, but I guess the leaves are nice too. And how stunning is this amazing brooch and earrings set from Luxulite? I thought these had sold out after lusting after them for weeks; I was crushed, and when another set popped up I snatched it up immediately! The only real disappointment of Christmas was that after changing my hair washing schedule specifically to avoid this, my hair was super uncooperative. So back it went into hair jail – you definitely made the naughty list this year, hair!

Because our Christmas celebrations were all shifted a day early, I didn’t have any plans on Christmas Day. My parents invited me over, of course, but I actually really enjoyed the time to wear my comfy PJs and watch tacky Hallmark Christmas movies on Netflix. (There was one about a country singer. And one about a ghost!)

All told, it was a lovely Christmas!

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g-g-g-gia | PUG review

g-g-g-gia | PUG review

(Post title is to be sung to the tune of those old Chia Pet commercials.)

I’ve talked before about my tendency to go for dresses and skirts and find myself short on tops. So when I realized that the Gia top from Pinup Girl Clothing was almost a perfect match for this fabulous blouse:


I decided to just take the leap and go for it!


The photos make the Gia look more on the teal side, but it’s definitely a lovely true forest green in person. I actually picked up this piece about a month ago, but I was waiting for the first proper fall day. The Gia is a polyester & spandex blend, so it’s not exactly warm but it’s definitely not breathable enough for summer. It’s very stretchy, and it shapes well to your body. The faux wrap in the front is super flattering! I have to admit that this type of fabric really isn’t my favorite; it always feels vaguely swimsuit-esque to me. But you definitely wouldn’t be able to get the same kind of shape otherwise, and I don’t mind it. I had a hard time deciding whether to wear the top in or out. Tucked in felt like I was covering up too much of the fun wrap detail, so I left it out, but it did ride up a lot during the day. I was tugging it down every time I stood up.


The other nice thing about the Gia is that it’s easy to adjust the bust for work or play! It just takes a little bit of shimmying to bring the girls out…or to cover them up in the office. Can you say “day to evening”?? The cut of the top also makes it great for a wide range of bust sizes.


I paired this lovely autumnal green top with my new pumpkin earrings from Summer Blue Jewelry (look for a full review of all my new Halloween accessories from there coming soon!).


I’m just so excited that it’s finally fall! There are so many new outfits to play with! And I have to say…a top like this does make me tempted to give in to the desire for some fabulous pants. It would pair so well with them, and I’m also already brainstorming some Christmas-related outfits with it. We’ll see what the future holds!

hello halloween harlequin | glam ghoul’s guide

hello halloween harlequin | glam ghoul’s guide

Welcome to Pugoween 2016.


Here’s a brief history of me and Harlequin prints:

College, just starting to get into pinup: Eh, it’s not really for me.
After getting more involved in pinup and seeing lots of cute outfits: Hmm, idk, maybe.
Upon seeing the Halloween Harlequin: OH GOD GET ON MY BODY RIGHT NOW

So the Halloween Harlequin dress is not only my first harlequin print, but also my first Jenny dress! Shocking, I know. I was always a little intimidated by this perennial favorite; all the talk of boning and de-boning spooked me a bit, I’ll admit it. But this print was too perfect to pass up, so I took a running leap off the dock of indecision and did a cannonball into the glittery black waters of fabulous spookiness.


There was a lot of sturm und drang about the sizing of this Jenny dress, which didn’t help my nerves. Based on the measurements, I ordered a size up from my usual. I don’t have other Jenny dresses to compare it to, but this was definitely the right choice for me. I’m at the upper end of the 2X, so the 3X has maaaybe just a skosh more room in it than I want, but I definitely wouldn’t have been happy in the 2X. I buy my clothes with the intention of wearing them as part of my everyday life, which means wearing them to work, out and about, sitting, leaping, skipping, etc., so the slight bit of extra ease is perfect for me.


Also, the pockets in this dress are DEEP AS HELL. Deepest pockets ever, I think…I could lose my whole forearm in there.


I honestly can’t remember the last time I got so many compliments a dress. She’s definitely a showstopper! I did worry a little bit about how much wear I’ll get from this print outside of Halloween, but even if I don’t wear it much through the rest of the year (which I do intend to do, for the record!), it will be worth it for the fun that I have during the season.20160921_080035

I’m still waiting on the delivery of some Halloween jewelry that I can’t wait to share, so I kept it low key with my Hamlet pin (it has a skull!), a cameo necklace, and some subtle spider earrings.


I also might have had too much fun practicing my “startled Halloween pinup” facial expressions while taking my detail shots!


Golly, it’s getting awful spooky!

Who else is madly in love with the Halloween harlequin print? Did you snap up this dress (apparently the most popular one in Pinup Girl Clothing history!)?


Throughout Spooktember and October, I’m sharing everything a vintage gal needs to have the perfect Halloween with costume inspiration, decor, recipes and more! Click here to find all the Glam Ghoul’s Guide posts.

roses & ribbons | PUG review

roses & ribbons | PUG review

I don’t know if I’ve stalked and anticipated any Pinup Girl Clothing print as much as this floral ribbon print. Ever since it was first spotted by an eagle eyed PUG fan in the model pic for the mint Sabrina, I’ve been daydreaming about it. In fact, it was this print that inspired me to order this pink floral dress from Hearts & Found…only to have the floral ribbons Ella announced before it had even arrived. Curses! I love the Ella, but it seemed a bit like overkill to have two pink floral full skirted dresses with gathered busts…but I could totally justify picking up a Jenny skirt! You can never have too many of those…


I was tempted to snatch up the Petite Jenny when it launched, just to make sure I could get a skirt in this print, but I’m glad I waited for the full length version. The print is seriously even more beautiful in person…it’s so soft and feminine, and the colors are so lovely. You can definitely see how many different colors could pair well with it; I would love to wear it with olive.


It has the same weight and heft of other Jenny skirts. Though I’ve become fond of other skits (like the Doris), there’s a reason that the Jenny has a cult following. These gathered skirts give you an instant “oomph”! I found the fit of this Jenny to be true to size. And the pockets are SO deep! I love it.


I paired this skirt with a bow-print blouse because ribbons! and bows! I was feeling classically feminine, so I wore my vintage circle pin and a necklace made form vintage enamel pieces. I added a pair of pink rose earrings to my order to get to free shipping…they’re cute, very standard.

I mentioned in my Hearts & Found post that I’m really having a pink renaissance these days…I’m having a lot of fun playing with the color more! There is definitely more pink in my future.

the babe and the bugs

the babe and the bugs

This past weekend was not just my birthday, but also one of my favorite events of the whole year: Germanfest! This celebration of German culture and heritage is a family tradition, and I look forward to the polka music, the yodeling, and the delicious food all year long.


I pulled out my red, yellow, and black best and my German flower  crown and prepared to celebrate!

Of course, like other ladies I know, I have a bit of an…affliction when it comes to cute old cars…


I have to pose with them! The Milwaukee Area Volkswagen Club was set up on the festival grounds, and I was of course immediately drawn in by this adorable Herbie! I used to love watching the original Herbie movies with my dad when I was little; this Love Bug actually had one of them playing on a portable DVD player in the backseat! How cool is that?


This blue 1967 Beetle was such a darling color. I think blue goes really well with purple, don’t you?


There were a lot of other cute Volkswagens in the tent (including some amazing VW buses and a Bug with a Rolls Royce kit!) but this yellow convertible really captured my heart. Too cute!

I know they aren’t the usual hotrods and kustoms that pinups like to pose with, but I was pretty darn charmed by this cuties and I had to get a pic or two! It’s funny – when I was a kid, my mom was the one telling my sister and I to go stand next to a sign or with a mascot to get a picture, and we used to mooooooan about it. Now I’m the one constantly handing my phone to my family and asking them to take a few pics!

Do you have the Pinup Compulsion to pose next to any and all vintage cars that capture your heart?

Outfit Details:

Cardigan: MAK (via Modcloth)
Top: Target
Skirt: Eshakti
Necklace: Shop Ruche
Flower Crown: Germanfest vendors

let them eat cake (hearts and found review)

let them eat cake (hearts and found review)

Not gonna lie, I might have teared up a little bit from joy when I put this dress on.


I’d been nervous in the past about ordering custom dresses; what if I messed up the measurements? What if I didn’t like it after all? Would it be hard???

Luckily, ordering from Hearts and Found allayed all of my fears and then some!

I’m a huge fan of supporting small businesses (especially women-run businesses!), so it was great to see that Hearts and Found works with local tailors and shops at local markets. It’s easy to use “Made in the USA” as shorthand for an ethical purchase, but that definitely isn’t always true, and I’m happy for my shopping habit to support local talent all over the world. Really, the thing that concerned me most about ordering from Vietnam was the shipping time since, in the immortal words of Veruca Salt:

veruca i want it noww

I was really impressed with the communication from Marjorie while ordering from Hearts and Found. I’ve always kind of thought of custom clothing as something very fancy and special, and Marjorie definitely made me feel like I was special! She even immediately checked in after receiving my measurements to double-check they were correct, since they seemed a little off…fear number one taken care of! She was really communicative, and the dresses (yes…dresses) came along much quicker than I expected. For my own personal timeline, I placed my order on July 5, received confirmation that the package had shipped on July 12, and the package was delivered to me on July 20 (and required a signature, so I had to go pick it up at the post office the next day, but that doesn’t count). I don’t know how standard this is for Hearts and Found, but I know I was quoted a longer wait time and was pleasantly surprised by how quickly the garments were created and made it to me.

But enough blah blah. How about that dress?


As soon as I saw the “Ring a Ring o’ Roses” fabric, I knew I had to have it. I’ve never really been a big fan of pink, but I’ve seriously been vibing on it lately. I’ve been admiring pink things and working pink accessories into my wardrobe, but I still didn’t own any pink clothes. So why not go full in with an ultra femme pink floral dress?


Hearts and Found allows you to pair any of their fabric choices with any dress pattern; after much deliberation, I selected the Grace dress. I loved the flattering ruched bust and of course the big gathered skirt, and I figured the adjustable straps would be a bit forgiving if I’d messed up my measurements somehow. (Can you tell I was really concerned about the measurements?)


In person, the dress is absolutely beautiful. It’s fully lined, which is amazing, and the fit is absolutely spot on. The pockets are real deep, and it’s seriously just so well made. I always worry a bit about handmade items looking a little “Holly Hobby” up against the “pro” stuff, but it looks perfectly at home on my rack of store-bought garments.

I was wishing I had some cake-themed jewelry to wear, since I was definitely feeling the Marie Antoinette vibes in this, but then I realized that, as always, Disney knows the way. “Make it pink! Make it blue!”


The blue and pink bracelet my grandma gave me last time I visited was the perfect pairing! Add in my adorable pink typewriter pin from Ann Shen, a vintage-inspired necklace from a local maker, my trusty pearl earrings, and I was in business!

As for the second dress I bought…well. You’re just going to have to wait until I have the perfect opportunity to wear it! I can tell you that I’m already drooling over the Hearts and Found Etsy shop, trying to figure out what I should order next! I whole-heartedly recommend ordering here, especially if you’re a little nervous about going custom. Marjorie will take good care of you.

of pins & themes

of pins & themes

One of my dearest friends recently said to me, “You know, if you were a kindergarten teacher, you could dress in theme every day.”

“You say that like I don’t already,” I replied.


Whether subtle or obvious, I’ve always loved to dress to a theme. I’ve often thought it’s not really worth throwing a party if there’s no potential for themed costumes, and I bring that enthusiasm for dress up into my “everyday” clothes as well.

I wanted to write this post to highlight the gorgeous enamel pins I purchased from Ann Shen, and funnily enough, the outfits I paired them with both fell clearly into the realm of themed!

This beautiful typewriter pin was the first one that caught my eye, so of course I had to craft my outfit around the theme of “intrepid girl reporter.” I always love an excuse to include props in my outfit of the day photographs…I feel a lot more comfortable with something to “act” around.


I purchased the lipstick and powder puff pins at the same time as the typewriter, but didn’t get to wear them until several weeks later because I was patiently awaiting the delivery of this Lindy Bop skirt (it appears to be out of stock now, but you can find other pieces in this print on their site). I saw it not long after I placed the order for the pins, and I knew I had to wear them together.


The pins are beyond adorable, and very shiny and high quality. They’re larger than a lot of enamel pins I’ve seen, which gets a big thumbs up from me since I prefer to wear mine as brooches. She also has a series of lovely mermaid pins, which of course I have my eye on. You can purchase pins, art prints, cards and more from her shop, all featuring her adorable illustrations.

Do you like to dress on theme?