dressed in holiday style

dressed in holiday style

When is it too late to talk about what you wore for Christmas? Oh, that’s right…never!

I’m (mostly) kidding (no I’m not), but I didn’t want to get too far into the year before sharing my holiday outfits.

My immediate family and I (parents, sister, and her boyfriend) decided to have our Christmas celebration on Christmas Eve Eve. We feasted on pizza, opened presents, and watched the king of all Christmas movies: The Muppet Christmas Carol.


I was heading to my parents’ house straight from work, so I wanted an outfit that was festive  but also comfy.


I paired my Pinup Girl Clothing candy cane striped Jenny (sold out – the petite version is here) with a sweater I’ve had for a while. For accessories, I couldn’t resist the holly necklace & earring set I treated myself to from Summer Blue Jewelry and turning myself into the biggest present of all with this amazing giant red bow! I did a Secret Santa swap with my team at work this year, and the lovely lady who had my name got me prosecco, three fabulous bows, and a book. It’s nice to feel known!

I’d been picturing my Christmas Day outfit throughout the whole holiday season as I started collecting pieces. Thankfully, all my festive fashion wishes came true! (Thanks Santa! Or…Baby Jesus?)


How about that Christmas card realness??? Our family tradition is to bring all the fixins for a delicious prime rib feast down to my grandparents house. We headed down on Christmas Eve this year, trunk full of tempting treats.

I always love posing with their tree…there are ornaments on here representing where I went to college all the way back to ones my dad made as a child.


You can tell this is post-present opening because I’ve got on the traditional gift of Christmas socks! As I mentioned in my holiday house tour post, I was very into the idea of a pink Christmas this year. The Reindeer Love skirt from The Oblong Box Shop let me tie in both pink and the more traditional red for an outfit that was the perfect combination of kitsch and classic.


Anyone who follows me on Instagram knows about my love for taking selfies in my grandparents’ downstairs powder room. They took down the fuzzy green stripe wallpaper I loved so dearly, but I guess the leaves are nice too. And how stunning is this amazing brooch and earrings set from Luxulite? I thought these had sold out after lusting after them for weeks; I was crushed, and when another set popped up I snatched it up immediately! The only real disappointment of Christmas was that after changing my hair washing schedule specifically to avoid this, my hair was super uncooperative. So back it went into hair jail – you definitely made the naughty list this year, hair!

Because our Christmas celebrations were all shifted a day early, I didn’t have any plans on Christmas Day. My parents invited me over, of course, but I actually really enjoyed the time to wear my comfy PJs and watch tacky Hallmark Christmas movies on Netflix. (There was one about a country singer. And one about a ghost!)

All told, it was a lovely Christmas!

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spooky style round-up

spooky style round-up

The Halloweekend has finally arrived! I already had a casual Hocus Pocus viewing with some fam & friends yesterday, but tonight’s the big night. I’m still working on some DIY parts of my costume, so knock on wood that it will all be ready in time! Meanwhile, I thought it would be fun to do a round up of all the spooky outfits I wore throughout October…I was really inspired by all the “31 Days of Halloween” gals to really step up my spooky style this year. I definitely didn’t hit 31 outfits, but I had so much fun showing off my Halloween spirit all month long (and…also in September! What can I say, I got an early start.)

September 21


I couldn’t wait to wear my Halloween Harlequin Jenny (review here), so my Halloween season kicked off just a little bit early this year…

September 24


If you got it, haunt it, baby! This pairing of florals & spook is pretty much my #aesthetic. Cute but spooky!

September 26


What goes better with a bat wall than bat wing sweater clips from Summer Blue Jewelry? (Review here.) This look was a little more low key as far as the Halloween vibes goes…

September 28


Luckily I fixed that by going FULL SPOOKY with this amazing Christmas skull sweater from Hell Bunny (review here).

September 29


Skulls and a stripey brooch…what more does a girl need?

October 1


I kicked off October with brunch with a friend…of course, I had to go in full Fannibal style.

October 3


Not quite so obviously spooky, but this outfit was my homage to The Shining (red + typewriter? Get it?)

October 7


The skull skirt is obviously a favorite. I paired it with the Gia top (review here) for my sister’s birthday dinner.

October 9


Casual ghost style for my part time job.

October 10


The Halloween Lantern skirt (review here) was definitely a big winner for me this season. I can’t even deal with how much I love Steph Buscema’s fabulous vintage-inspired Halloween print.

October 12


Preppy witch realness. These Hocus Pocus pins were a gift from my bestie – definitely jewels in my constantly growing pin collection!

October 13


Is there anything like spiderwebs and a vintage sweater? I wanted to be spooky and chic for a work event: mission accomplished! (Skirt review here.)

October 17


I’d seen a lot of gals on Instagram and Facebook wearing dresses like jumpers, and it was like a lightbulb going off! What an awesome way to make a whole new look from a dress.

October 18


I’ve been craving some poison apple accessories all season, and these collar clips from Femme de Bloom fit the bill perfectly.

October 24


After a brief break from spookiness for a work conference, I returned in full force with a skirt that matches my hair (a thing everyone needs) that I scooped up during the Modcloth Friends & Family sale. (If you’ve been wanting to check Modcloth out, they’re offering 20% off for new customers right now!)

October 25


I can already tell this mustard sweater is going to be an MVP for fall. It pairs great with the lantern skirt.

October 27


A gal’s gotta wear her spiderwebs! (Side note: I got so many compliments on my hair, which was pinned up because it was being a Real Pain. Ya never know!)

October 28


And, finally, for my last pre-Halloween spooky look, I achieved my true Pumpkin Queen form. I don’t usually wear a full crinoline to work since it’s kind of a pain to sit on all day, but it really did make me feel like prettiest witch on the block. Pumpkin necklace & clips are from Femme de Bloom.

PHEW. What a wild ride! This October was definitely the most fun one I’ve ever had, and it was all thanks to the wonderful community of lovely & enthusiastic ladies who always inspired me to try new outfits, do new crafts, and pick up JUST ONE MORE pumpkin to put around my house. Happy Halloween, ghouls! I can’t wait to see your costumes and share mine with you!

roses & ribbons | PUG review

roses & ribbons | PUG review

I don’t know if I’ve stalked and anticipated any Pinup Girl Clothing print as much as this floral ribbon print. Ever since it was first spotted by an eagle eyed PUG fan in the model pic for the mint Sabrina, I’ve been daydreaming about it. In fact, it was this print that inspired me to order this pink floral dress from Hearts & Found…only to have the floral ribbons Ella announced before it had even arrived. Curses! I love the Ella, but it seemed a bit like overkill to have two pink floral full skirted dresses with gathered busts…but I could totally justify picking up a Jenny skirt! You can never have too many of those…


I was tempted to snatch up the Petite Jenny when it launched, just to make sure I could get a skirt in this print, but I’m glad I waited for the full length version. The print is seriously even more beautiful in person…it’s so soft and feminine, and the colors are so lovely. You can definitely see how many different colors could pair well with it; I would love to wear it with olive.


It has the same weight and heft of other Jenny skirts. Though I’ve become fond of other skits (like the Doris), there’s a reason that the Jenny has a cult following. These gathered skirts give you an instant “oomph”! I found the fit of this Jenny to be true to size. And the pockets are SO deep! I love it.


I paired this skirt with a bow-print blouse because ribbons! and bows! I was feeling classically feminine, so I wore my vintage circle pin and a necklace made form vintage enamel pieces. I added a pair of pink rose earrings to my order to get to free shipping…they’re cute, very standard.

I mentioned in my Hearts & Found post that I’m really having a pink renaissance these days…I’m having a lot of fun playing with the color more! There is definitely more pink in my future.

of pins & themes

of pins & themes

One of my dearest friends recently said to me, “You know, if you were a kindergarten teacher, you could dress in theme every day.”

“You say that like I don’t already,” I replied.


Whether subtle or obvious, I’ve always loved to dress to a theme. I’ve often thought it’s not really worth throwing a party if there’s no potential for themed costumes, and I bring that enthusiasm for dress up into my “everyday” clothes as well.

I wanted to write this post to highlight the gorgeous enamel pins I purchased from Ann Shen, and funnily enough, the outfits I paired them with both fell clearly into the realm of themed!

This beautiful typewriter pin was the first one that caught my eye, so of course I had to craft my outfit around the theme of “intrepid girl reporter.” I always love an excuse to include props in my outfit of the day photographs…I feel a lot more comfortable with something to “act” around.


I purchased the lipstick and powder puff pins at the same time as the typewriter, but didn’t get to wear them until several weeks later because I was patiently awaiting the delivery of this Lindy Bop skirt (it appears to be out of stock now, but you can find other pieces in this print on their site). I saw it not long after I placed the order for the pins, and I knew I had to wear them together.


The pins are beyond adorable, and very shiny and high quality. They’re larger than a lot of enamel pins I’ve seen, which gets a big thumbs up from me since I prefer to wear mine as brooches. She also has a series of lovely mermaid pins, which of course I have my eye on. You can purchase pins, art prints, cards and more from her shop, all featuring her adorable illustrations.

Do you like to dress on theme?

don’t let your babies grow up to be (skeleton) cowboys: atomic starlet review

don’t let your babies grow up to be (skeleton) cowboys: atomic starlet review

I had a blast at the Blue Ribbon Beer Run this past weekend, and one of the highlights was definitely having the chance to meet the lovely Jennifer of A Vintage Vanity in person. Jennifer is my very favorite source for hair tutorials on Youtube, and I loved watching her vlogs too. I eagerly awaited the launch of her clothing line, Atomic Starlet, but once it was here, I couldn’t decide what I wanted! When I saw that Atomic Starlet would be vending at the Beer Run, I knew that this was my chance to check out her skirts in person and hopefully bring the perfect one home. And, well…


I’d say I did!

Honestly, no one is more surprised than me that I ended up going with one of her limited edition Nashville Boogie skirts. I’m not usually especially into Western fashion; a fondness for cowboy romance novels is about as Wild West as I get. But the amazing print of skeleton cowboys (SKELETON COWBOYS!!!), the sassy fringe…it just spoke to me and I knew I had to take it home.


Jennifer designs and sews all of her skirts herself, and I was super impressed with the quality of this piece. It’s very substantial and has nice big pockets, which every girl loves. I am wearing a full crinoline under the skirt in these photos, because go big or go home, but I would happily wear it without. It has plenty of fullness all on its own.


I was feeling a bit like a saloon girl at this point in the photoshoot, if you couldn’t tell. And I have to give a shoutout to that FRINGE. If you’re not a person who normally wears fringe, I highly recommend picking up a piece or two. The way it moves is so much fun.

Sizing wise, Jennifer did warn me that this skirt specifically fits a little bit on the larger side due to the fabric. I got the 2X and it is a little bit looser than I would prefer, but I tried on the 1X and it would have been a touch small. I’m happy with my choice, and that’s what belts were invented for!

Because I was going to the office (boo), I paired the skirt with a thrifted “work safe” peasant-style top, but I know it’ll look absolutely amazing with the Pinup Girl Clothing peasant blouses. I also wore a hair flower and spider earrings from my July Belle’s Beauty Box (read my review here!).

I’m so happy with this skirt (and Jennifer was super sweet!), I will definitely purchase another piece from Atomic Starlet going forward. A lot of the pieces there have some deliciously nerdy flair, and Jennifer also offers custom work – all pieces come in sizes XS-4X which is super important to me. Go check her out!