doe, a deer | halloween 2016

doe, a deer | halloween 2016

I’ve always been someone who starts planning my Halloween costume suuuper early, and I’ve been working on this concept for a while. I knew this year that I didn’t want to do anything related to pinup – I’ve seen tons of great pinup-inspired costumes, but since that’s what I wear every day, it doesn’t really feel special to wear it on Halloween. I wanted to do something a little bit different, but still true to my aesthetic.


And this is what I came up with! I loved the idea of doing something super cute with just a hint of a morbid touch to it. I’d often admired the adorable deer/faun makeup I’d see other girls wear, so the slight twist of being a taxidermied faun was perfect for me.

Also, I’ve just SUPER wanted an antler crown, like, forever. So this seemed as good a reason as any to get one! I ordered this headpiece from WhiteFoxHats and am super pleased with it. The antlers are lovely and statement-making while still being delicate and feminine. There are the 4″ antlers, for the record. I waffled a lot on what size I wanted, and these are perfect!


I made the plaque myself out of foam core and some beautiful paper from the art store – you can’t really tell in the pictures, but the wood grain is actually a lovely metallic gold. It really enhances the otherwordliness of the look, like some nasty fairy cut off this faun’s head.

The makeup was super easy; I didn’t want to mess around with face paints, so I just bought some cheap face powder in a shade significantly darker than my own skin and a white eyeliner pencil. Some eyeliner, black lipstick, and false lashes, and I was good to go!


Here’s the outfit in action! I didn’t take any full body shots since I just wore a black t-shirt and leggings since my body didn’t exist. I’m just a severed head. 🙂

It was such a fun night! The lovely creepy twins pictured above hosted a hell of a party. Protip: apple cider, caramel vodka, and champagne makes a delicious yet dangerous autumn cocktail.

As a bonus, here’s my work costume:


The benefit of being a costume hoarder is that you always have something you can pull out of the closet!

I hope all of you had a safe and happy Halloween! It’s hard to believe it’s already come and gone, but luckily…


spooky style round-up

spooky style round-up

The Halloweekend has finally arrived! I already had a casual Hocus Pocus viewing with some fam & friends yesterday, but tonight’s the big night. I’m still working on some DIY parts of my costume, so knock on wood that it will all be ready in time! Meanwhile, I thought it would be fun to do a round up of all the spooky outfits I wore throughout October…I was really inspired by all the “31 Days of Halloween” gals to really step up my spooky style this year. I definitely didn’t hit 31 outfits, but I had so much fun showing off my Halloween spirit all month long (and…also in September! What can I say, I got an early start.)

September 21


I couldn’t wait to wear my Halloween Harlequin Jenny (review here), so my Halloween season kicked off just a little bit early this year…

September 24


If you got it, haunt it, baby! This pairing of florals & spook is pretty much my #aesthetic. Cute but spooky!

September 26


What goes better with a bat wall than bat wing sweater clips from Summer Blue Jewelry? (Review here.) This look was a little more low key as far as the Halloween vibes goes…

September 28


Luckily I fixed that by going FULL SPOOKY with this amazing Christmas skull sweater from Hell Bunny (review here).

September 29


Skulls and a stripey brooch…what more does a girl need?

October 1


I kicked off October with brunch with a friend…of course, I had to go in full Fannibal style.

October 3


Not quite so obviously spooky, but this outfit was my homage to The Shining (red + typewriter? Get it?)

October 7


The skull skirt is obviously a favorite. I paired it with the Gia top (review here) for my sister’s birthday dinner.

October 9


Casual ghost style for my part time job.

October 10


The Halloween Lantern skirt (review here) was definitely a big winner for me this season. I can’t even deal with how much I love Steph Buscema’s fabulous vintage-inspired Halloween print.

October 12


Preppy witch realness. These Hocus Pocus pins were a gift from my bestie – definitely jewels in my constantly growing pin collection!

October 13


Is there anything like spiderwebs and a vintage sweater? I wanted to be spooky and chic for a work event: mission accomplished! (Skirt review here.)

October 17


I’d seen a lot of gals on Instagram and Facebook wearing dresses like jumpers, and it was like a lightbulb going off! What an awesome way to make a whole new look from a dress.

October 18


I’ve been craving some poison apple accessories all season, and these collar clips from Femme de Bloom fit the bill perfectly.

October 24


After a brief break from spookiness for a work conference, I returned in full force with a skirt that matches my hair (a thing everyone needs) that I scooped up during the Modcloth Friends & Family sale. (If you’ve been wanting to check Modcloth out, they’re offering 20% off for new customers right now!)

October 25


I can already tell this mustard sweater is going to be an MVP for fall. It pairs great with the lantern skirt.

October 27


A gal’s gotta wear her spiderwebs! (Side note: I got so many compliments on my hair, which was pinned up because it was being a Real Pain. Ya never know!)

October 28


And, finally, for my last pre-Halloween spooky look, I achieved my true Pumpkin Queen form. I don’t usually wear a full crinoline to work since it’s kind of a pain to sit on all day, but it really did make me feel like prettiest witch on the block. Pumpkin necklace & clips are from Femme de Bloom.

PHEW. What a wild ride! This October was definitely the most fun one I’ve ever had, and it was all thanks to the wonderful community of lovely & enthusiastic ladies who always inspired me to try new outfits, do new crafts, and pick up JUST ONE MORE pumpkin to put around my house. Happy Halloween, ghouls! I can’t wait to see your costumes and share mine with you!

1 dress, 4 costumes | glam ghoul’s guide

1 dress, 4 costumes | glam ghoul’s guide

Don’t know what you’re going to be for Halloween? You’re in luck! I have some ideas.

A little black dress is a must for any woman’s wardrobe, but it also makes quite a fabulous costume. When you have a good base piece, all you need to transform it into a costume are some well-placed accessories. So I’ve taken the black Jenny dress from Pinup Girl Clothing and made FOUR (that’s right, four!) different costumes! (Feel free to sub in the black dress of your choosing.)

Note: These sets are just intended for inspiration; apart from the Jenny dress, I can’t vouch for the quality of any of the products contained therein!


Glam Witch



There’s no Halloween costume more classic than a witch! Pick out a statement hat and some stripey socks and accessorize as you choose! I went all black for this one, but purple and green are always great accent colors for witches.


Classy Cat


If you’re a Taylor Swift fan, you probably already own a cat ear headband and you’re halfway there! A choker-style necklace is perfect to sub in as a collar, and cute touches like mouse earrings helps sell the look.


Vampire Vixen


A lacy shrug and dramatic corset belt completely transforms the sweet Jenny dress into something befitting a ferocious lady vampire. The batwing boots are a tad on the nose, but I just couldn’t help myself! Definitely go as over-the-top gothic as possible in your accessories.

Wealthy Widow



How unlucky can you be, to have just lost your third husband? Definitely a great choice for the last minute gal, put on your prettiest jewelry, a hat with a black veil and an unconvincingly sad expression, and you’re golden!

I hope that one of these ideas helped get your creative juices flowing!

Let me know if you’d like to see me do another one dress, multiple costumes piece, or if there’s some other costume theme you’d like to see. I love making inspiration boards like this!


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maker spotlight: summer blue jewelry | glam ghoul’s guide

maker spotlight: summer blue jewelry | glam ghoul’s guide

Happy October, ghouls! It’s finally here! And I figured it was about time that I reviewed some fabulous spooky accessories.


I’ve been checking out Summer Blue Jewelry for quite a while (pictured here with Halloween pins from Steph Buscema – watch for a post on those coming soon!). There are some fabulous tiki pieces in the shop, but once the Halloween jewelry started to go up, I knew I had to save myself for those! I definitely appreciated the decorated boxes, especially that cute little googly-eyed bat.



The first piece I knew I wanted were these “Fakelite” bat wing sweater clips. They’re incredibly versatile, and I knew they would add a little spooky specialness to any outfit. I love that Summer gives the options to choose pins vs. clips and 4″ vs. 6″ chain, letting you get exactly what you’re looking for out of your collar clips/sweater guard. I went with clips and a 6″ chain, cuz mama likes to wear her cardigans wide.


Pumpkins! Because I’m a Responsible Adult (citation needed), I picked out pumpkin earrings that will work for general fall instead of only Halloween. See, thinking ahead. Once again, you have options for customization to choose which metal you’d prefer and if you want dark or light leaves. I’m usually a silver girl, but I thought the gold enhanced the harvest feel.


Last but certainly not least, this fabulous Beetlejuice/Burton-esque classic Fakelite-style brooch. As much as I 1000% love ultra kitschy jewelry, I was drawn to how classy this was while still having that gothic touch. I can see myself wearing this all throughout the year, and to more formal events than I might wear a big orange Jack o’ Lantern brooch, for example. (Who am I kidding…where wouldn’t I wear a Jack o’ Lantern brooch???)

All of the jewelry I ordered came on custom cards and arrived in perfect condition. You can see and feel how well-made each piece is. I definitely plan to order from Summer again…there are quite a few brooches and necklaces that I’m already eyeing up! It really might be Halloween Everyday in Snarkland if I get my way…


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hello halloween harlequin | glam ghoul’s guide

hello halloween harlequin | glam ghoul’s guide

Welcome to Pugoween 2016.


Here’s a brief history of me and Harlequin prints:

College, just starting to get into pinup: Eh, it’s not really for me.
After getting more involved in pinup and seeing lots of cute outfits: Hmm, idk, maybe.
Upon seeing the Halloween Harlequin: OH GOD GET ON MY BODY RIGHT NOW

So the Halloween Harlequin dress is not only my first harlequin print, but also my first Jenny dress! Shocking, I know. I was always a little intimidated by this perennial favorite; all the talk of boning and de-boning spooked me a bit, I’ll admit it. But this print was too perfect to pass up, so I took a running leap off the dock of indecision and did a cannonball into the glittery black waters of fabulous spookiness.


There was a lot of sturm und drang about the sizing of this Jenny dress, which didn’t help my nerves. Based on the measurements, I ordered a size up from my usual. I don’t have other Jenny dresses to compare it to, but this was definitely the right choice for me. I’m at the upper end of the 2X, so the 3X has maaaybe just a skosh more room in it than I want, but I definitely wouldn’t have been happy in the 2X. I buy my clothes with the intention of wearing them as part of my everyday life, which means wearing them to work, out and about, sitting, leaping, skipping, etc., so the slight bit of extra ease is perfect for me.


Also, the pockets in this dress are DEEP AS HELL. Deepest pockets ever, I think…I could lose my whole forearm in there.


I honestly can’t remember the last time I got so many compliments a dress. She’s definitely a showstopper! I did worry a little bit about how much wear I’ll get from this print outside of Halloween, but even if I don’t wear it much through the rest of the year (which I do intend to do, for the record!), it will be worth it for the fun that I have during the season.20160921_080035

I’m still waiting on the delivery of some Halloween jewelry that I can’t wait to share, so I kept it low key with my Hamlet pin (it has a skull!), a cameo necklace, and some subtle spider earrings.


I also might have had too much fun practicing my “startled Halloween pinup” facial expressions while taking my detail shots!


Golly, it’s getting awful spooky!

Who else is madly in love with the Halloween harlequin print? Did you snap up this dress (apparently the most popular one in Pinup Girl Clothing history!)?


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8 terrifyingly awesome halloween trees

8 terrifyingly awesome halloween trees

I didn’t start this blog until May, so some of you may not know but fair warning: I love Christmas. Why am I bringing this up during spook season? Because one of my favorite parts of Christmas is the tree, and I am seriously jonesing for a Halloween tree lately! I’ve rounded up eight of the most awesome Halloween trees that I could find.


The tree that reignited my obsession. I can’t stop thinking about how this Zebra Striped Christmas Tree from Treetopia would make an absolutely amazing Beetlejuice-themed Halloween tree!

How to Decorate a Candy Corn Corn Tree for Halloween – Jennifer Perkins

Jennifer Perkins is without a doubt the reigning queen of all things holiday tree. Not only does she decorate multiple trees for Christmas and Halloween, you’ll also find inspiration for Valentine’s trees, Easter trees, and more on her blog. I could fill a whole post with just her trees, but I’m especially in love with this candy corn tree decorated with pumpkins, skulls, bats, and vintage masks.

Greg Horn’s Nightmare Before Christmas Tree

I’m gaggingggg over this incredible Nightmare Before Christmas tree! Definitely head over to the source to see the gorgeous NBC figurine ornaments in full light. It’s seriously a piece of art.

Halloween Tree – Wrinkled Chiffon

This cute little tabletop tree from Wrinkled Chiffon is much more within the realm of possibility for me. I love how much adorable Halloween charm you can get with relatively little investment on space (which, like many apartment dwellers, is something I’m always short of).

Halloween Tree – Hoosier Homemade

A witch hat as the tree topper? Genius! This basic black tree gets a major glam upgrade with colorful mesh and tulle.

Bottle Brush Trees – Holiday Sparkle

I know I’m not the only vintage gal completely obsessed with bottle brush trees. I love how these glam trees bring some classic and super femme vintage style to a holiday that’s usually all about the black and orange.

My Halloween Tree – Ella Claire Inspired

This tinsel tree Halloween-ified has so much vintage flair. I love the “Official Haunted House” sign and all the creative details throughout. It’s great to see how a “normal” Christmas tree can be transformed for Halloween!

DIY tree with pinecone critters – Good Housekeeping

If you really are short on space (and budget), even some branches from outside can be the base of a super cute Halloween-y tree. This one is definitely more on the seasonal side than the spooky side, and I love all the cute creatures made out of pinecones!

Looking at all these trees just made me more determined to figure out a way to acquire my own this year! I’m probably going to stick to the tabletop variety, but my heart has definitely been stolen by big, dramatic Halloween trees.

Do you put up a Halloween tree? Have any of these inspired you to give it a try?


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bats in the belfry: easy halloween diy

bats in the belfry: easy halloween diy

Uh oh…seems like I have an infestation on my hands…




I know that I’m not the only one ready to decorate for Halloween. I’ve been slowly collecting and bringing out some pieces,  but now that it’s officially mid-September (mostly), it’s time to really get started. This is my first Halloween decor DIY of the year, and it was so cheap and easy I don’t even really believe it myself!


To bring this flock of bats into your lair, you’ll need:

  • Black cardstock
  • Scissors
  • A bat template
  • Adhesive of choice (I used double-stick tape) ETA: After a few weeks, some of my bats started to “give up the ghost” so to say (yukyuk) – I’d recommend using sticky tack instead!

And that’s it! I always gravitate to paper crafts for decoration because it’s so easy to get started. You don’t need a lot of fancy equipment or supplies or even skills. If you can cut paper, you can make bats!


First, you’ll want to create your bat template. Just like when you made Valentines in elementary school, you can save SO much time and stress by folding your paper in half vertically (hot dog style, as we used to say in elementary school) and using a sweet HALF bat pattern. I didn’t find an existing pattern that perfectly fit what I was looking for, so I made my own!

I got a nice big pack of black cardstock at Michael’s. I was able to get three bats out of each piece…I definitely could have gotten four if I’d decreased the size of the bats slightly, but I like my nice big bats!

Once I had my paper and my template, I put on some Law & Order SVU and started cutting! There’s nothing like zoning out to a good procedural and doing some crafting…feel free to substitute your mindless show of choice 😉 I didn’t bother tracing the template or even taping it down, just held it into place while I cut around it. I didn’t fuss too much about following the lines of the template exactly – I liked having a little bit of variety!


It didn’t take long to amass quite a pile of bats. In addition to ease of cutting out, using the folded cardstock also gives you bats that already have some nice dimension to them. I used a single piece of double-sided tape on the back of one of the wings to adhere my bats to the wall. They look so cute!


I started with this little flock of bats, but I still have a bunch cut out and even more paper! I’ll be placing them throughout my apartment as I finalize the rest of my Halloween decorations.

Have you started any Halloween crafts yet?


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