dressed in holiday style

dressed in holiday style

When is it too late to talk about what you wore for Christmas? Oh, that’s right…never!

I’m (mostly) kidding (no I’m not), but I didn’t want to get too far into the year before sharing my holiday outfits.

My immediate family and I (parents, sister, and her boyfriend) decided to have our Christmas celebration on Christmas Eve Eve. We feasted on pizza, opened presents, and watched the king of all Christmas movies: The Muppet Christmas Carol.


I was heading to my parents’ house straight from work, so I wanted an outfit that was festive  but also comfy.


I paired my Pinup Girl Clothing candy cane striped Jenny (sold out – the petite version is here) with a sweater I’ve had for a while. For accessories, I couldn’t resist the holly necklace & earring set I treated myself to from Summer Blue Jewelry and turning myself into the biggest present of all with this amazing giant red bow! I did a Secret Santa swap with my team at work this year, and the lovely lady who had my name got me prosecco, three fabulous bows, and a book. It’s nice to feel known!

I’d been picturing my Christmas Day outfit throughout the whole holiday season as I started collecting pieces. Thankfully, all my festive fashion wishes came true! (Thanks Santa! Or…Baby Jesus?)


How about that Christmas card realness??? Our family tradition is to bring all the fixins for a delicious prime rib feast down to my grandparents house. We headed down on Christmas Eve this year, trunk full of tempting treats.

I always love posing with their tree…there are ornaments on here representing where I went to college all the way back to ones my dad made as a child.


You can tell this is post-present opening because I’ve got on the traditional gift of Christmas socks! As I mentioned in my holiday house tour post, I was very into the idea of a pink Christmas this year. The Reindeer Love skirt from The Oblong Box Shop let me tie in both pink and the more traditional red for an outfit that was the perfect combination of kitsch and classic.


Anyone who follows me on Instagram knows about my love for taking selfies in my grandparents’ downstairs powder room. They took down the fuzzy green stripe wallpaper I loved so dearly, but I guess the leaves are nice too. And how stunning is this amazing brooch and earrings set from Luxulite? I thought these had sold out after lusting after them for weeks; I was crushed, and when another set popped up I snatched it up immediately! The only real disappointment of Christmas was that after changing my hair washing schedule specifically to avoid this, my hair was super uncooperative. So back it went into hair jail – you definitely made the naughty list this year, hair!

Because our Christmas celebrations were all shifted a day early, I didn’t have any plans on Christmas Day. My parents invited me over, of course, but I actually really enjoyed the time to wear my comfy PJs and watch tacky Hallmark Christmas movies on Netflix. (There was one about a country singer. And one about a ghost!)

All told, it was a lovely Christmas!

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retro christmas apartment tour + party set-up

retro christmas apartment tour + party set-up

I was doing a lot of perfecting right up until the last minute, but I finally am ready to show off how I brought vintage flair to my Christmas decor this year! Last night was the night of my Christmas cocktail party, so everything was clean and pretty and perfect.

love Christmas. There’s a reason they call it the most wonderful time of the year! I can never resist the shinies and sparkles and general feelings of good cheer. As with most things, I definitely aspire to a beautiful mid-century modern Christmas, but I have to be budget conscious as well. I do my best to incorporate modern versions of vintage favorites  and retro-inspired DIYs alongside true vintage pieces to create Christmas decor that’s fabulous in any time period.


My living room is unsurprisingly where I put pretty much all my Christmas magic. I do have a mini-holiday set up in the bedroom, but I try to practice good sleep hygiene, so if I’m awake, I’m most likely in the living room.


O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree! I would really love a true vintage aluminum tree, but I’ve had a hard time finding one in good condition within my price range. So I decided to get my silvery fix with this amazing giant tinsel tree! I really wanted to incorporate pink into my Christmas this year, but was having a hard time finding pink ornaments I was satisfied with…until I randomly stopped into a little local antique shop and found a whole stack of in-the-box Shiny Brite ornaments! I picked up a set of various matte pinks and one set of shiny, and supplemented them with silver ornaments from last year and a few specialty ornaments I’ve collected. You can’t really tell in this photo, but I also have a strand of pink pearl beads wrapped around the tree.


Continuing the pink theme, I ordered a pink wreath…and received a blue one. Blah blah, various customer service mishaps, which ended up with me getting the wreath just a day before the party and not having time to set up an extension cord so I could light it up 😦 Next year.


Here’s a detail shot of decorations on the credenza! Vintage and modern bottlebrush trees (click here for my ode to bottlebrush trees), sparkly ornaments, and a table runner from TJ Maxx. I love using table runners to add some color and style to a piece of furniture that might not be obviously holiday-ified.


Let’s turn around! I posted a little preview of my ornaments DIY on Instagram, and I’m really pleased with how it all turned out! I created my own patterns from illustrations of vintage ornaments, cut out a bunch, and hung them and strips of ribbon with sticky tack. You can also see that I’m using ribbons wrapped around cabinet doors to display my Christmas cards.


This part is a little bit decor, but mostly party prep! I dug out my somehow constantly growing collection of various sized decorative vases and filled them with some blue ornaments (pink and blue go together, right?). Here’s another table runner, originally bought for a Friendsgiving, to class up the joint. I bought a new cheeseboard (yes, I already owned a cheeseboard and decided this party required a whole new one…I’m from Wisconsin, okay??), and I did put food on it before the party started. Don’t want your cheese to sweat too much! (Let me know in the comments if you want more cheese details…I am more than happy to share them.)


Here’s my little cocktail set-up for the evening! My ice bucket is vintage, and I completely fell in love with these acrylic “Merry Christmas” swizzle sticks and HAD TO HAVE THEM. Grasshoppers were the seasonally-appropriate house cocktail of the night.


I had such a wonderful time decorating my apartment this year and welcoming a lot of old and new friends over to help me celebrate one of my favorite holidays! It was such a fun, festive night, and the best part is that the real deal is still to come.

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