let’s get together (yeah yeah yeah)

let’s get together (yeah yeah yeah)

Illustration by Al Moore

I’m sure it’s no surprise to anyone that the fires of sisterhood are burning especially hot in me lately. Part of that energy is going toward forming new & deepening existing female friendships in my real life (or “meatspace,” as we nerds say), but part of it is definitely reserved for my amazing online community!

I mentioned on Instagram that I’d love to collaborate with other bloggers or brands this year – whether it be guest posts or blog swaps or style swaps or WHATEVER, if there’s a cool thing we could do together, I want to give it a shot! I value the community that I’ve found on Instagram so much, and I want to find ways that we can work together & support each other even more.

Semi-related, but I’ve been craving a dedicated blogging space for vintage/pinup gals…am I the only one who feels that way? (Or is there already one where you’re all hanging out without me???) A Pinup Bloggers Unanonymous, if you will. I’m part of several blogging related Facebook groups, but sometimes the constant focus on the business and the hustle tires me out. I’d love to have a sounding board with other retro gals on the blog scene!

I’ve also been thinking about having a vintage link-up…would anyone else be interested in participating in one?

Ahh…I don’t know if this kind of bloggy business post is interesting to anyone, but I always like to connect with other bloggers and thought it was worth a shot! Your regularly scheduled programming will resume after this brief message.

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20 things every modern pinup should know

20 things every modern pinup should know

What makes someone a pinup? Where are the requirements for vintage gal status written down? Personally, I think anyone who wants to claim the title is welcome to it, but I also had a lot of fun thinking about the various “skills” a modern pinup needs. Some of them are the same as glamour girls of days gone by, but some are very specific to today’s world. I’d love to know if you agree!


  1. How to draw a wing so sharp it could kill a man
  2. How to open a bottle of champagne
  3. Where the nearest bathroom is
  4. How to accept a compliment
  5. When to call it a night
  6. What her favorite red lipstick is
  7. How to rock a sale
  8. When wearing heels is worth it…
  9. …and when it isn’t
  10. Which Old Hollywood starlet she most wants to emulate
  11. How to make it a week without breaking a nail
  12. How to use the restroom while wearing complex undergarments
  13. The best antique/thrift shops in her city
  14. The value of a well-used hashtag
  15. How to do a curl set
  16. The approximate location of the nearest tiki bar and/or cocktail lounge
  17. Which Mad Men character she would be (even if she didn’t watch Mad Men)
  18. How to complete an outfit with a well-placed accessory
  19. How to use a record player
  20. When poof is called for, and when EXTRA poof is called for

How many of these can you check off? What’s on your list?

PS: Speaking of sales, I’m on a no-buy right now but I’m drooling over everything in the Modcloth sale! Let me live vicariously through you.

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dressed in holiday style

dressed in holiday style

When is it too late to talk about what you wore for Christmas? Oh, that’s right…never!

I’m (mostly) kidding (no I’m not), but I didn’t want to get too far into the year before sharing my holiday outfits.

My immediate family and I (parents, sister, and her boyfriend) decided to have our Christmas celebration on Christmas Eve Eve. We feasted on pizza, opened presents, and watched the king of all Christmas movies: The Muppet Christmas Carol.


I was heading to my parents’ house straight from work, so I wanted an outfit that was festive  but also comfy.


I paired my Pinup Girl Clothing candy cane striped Jenny (sold out – the petite version is here) with a sweater I’ve had for a while. For accessories, I couldn’t resist the holly necklace & earring set I treated myself to from Summer Blue Jewelry and turning myself into the biggest present of all with this amazing giant red bow! I did a Secret Santa swap with my team at work this year, and the lovely lady who had my name got me prosecco, three fabulous bows, and a book. It’s nice to feel known!

I’d been picturing my Christmas Day outfit throughout the whole holiday season as I started collecting pieces. Thankfully, all my festive fashion wishes came true! (Thanks Santa! Or…Baby Jesus?)


How about that Christmas card realness??? Our family tradition is to bring all the fixins for a delicious prime rib feast down to my grandparents house. We headed down on Christmas Eve this year, trunk full of tempting treats.

I always love posing with their tree…there are ornaments on here representing where I went to college all the way back to ones my dad made as a child.


You can tell this is post-present opening because I’ve got on the traditional gift of Christmas socks! As I mentioned in my holiday house tour post, I was very into the idea of a pink Christmas this year. The Reindeer Love skirt from The Oblong Box Shop let me tie in both pink and the more traditional red for an outfit that was the perfect combination of kitsch and classic.


Anyone who follows me on Instagram knows about my love for taking selfies in my grandparents’ downstairs powder room. They took down the fuzzy green stripe wallpaper I loved so dearly, but I guess the leaves are nice too. And how stunning is this amazing brooch and earrings set from Luxulite? I thought these had sold out after lusting after them for weeks; I was crushed, and when another set popped up I snatched it up immediately! The only real disappointment of Christmas was that after changing my hair washing schedule specifically to avoid this, my hair was super uncooperative. So back it went into hair jail – you definitely made the naughty list this year, hair!

Because our Christmas celebrations were all shifted a day early, I didn’t have any plans on Christmas Day. My parents invited me over, of course, but I actually really enjoyed the time to wear my comfy PJs and watch tacky Hallmark Christmas movies on Netflix. (There was one about a country singer. And one about a ghost!)

All told, it was a lovely Christmas!

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top 10 outfits of 2016

top 10 outfits of 2016

I was thinking about what I should blog about this week when I abruptly realized that these will be my last two posts of the year. Yikes. I’ve had so much fun getting back into the habit of blogging again, and the year’s flown by. I never kept up regular posting on a blog for this long before, and it’s definitely thanks to the lovely, encouraging community of vintage fashion enthusiasts that I’ve found ❤

To celebrate the end of 2016 (good riddance!), I decided to pick out my 10 favorite outfits. Going back through all my outfits of the year was so much fun! This was definitely the year that I really feel like I started to get a good handle on bringing my aesthetic to life in my day to day. A lot of my favorite pieces are actually missing from this round-up because I was trying not to pick anything where I just thought the dress or the skirt was great – I wanted to feel like they were full outfits that I’d executed.

So without further ado, here they are!


Putting them all together, it’s obvious that I need to mix up my posing game next year! Fun fact, I do always take some head-on outfit pics looking at the camera, but I always feel like my expression is weird. It’s just easier to close your eyes!

It was a pretty great year in outfits, and I definitely expanded my wardrobe more rapidly than in any other year. In 2017, I want to continue to push myself to try new things and combine my favorite pieces in new ways.

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pinup/retro black friday haul

pinup/retro black friday haul

It’s a mf-in’ haul, y’all!

Okay, not Macy’s, but close enough. Illustration by Emmy Cicierega.

Welcome to my first haul post! I’ve never done a haul before, because…well, honestly, I’m not really a “haul” kind of person. I tend to be a slow collector of things, picking up one or two pieces at a time over the span of months. But Black Friday hit me just right this year and, well…I got me some stuff.

Pinup Girl Clothing

So the Candy Cane Jenny had just dropped, and I knew that was going to be a hot ticket item once the sale started, so for the very first time I set alarm to wake up at 12AM PST (which was 2AM here) to shop. I felt slightly ridiculous, but at the same time, plenty of people actually put on clothes and go stand in the cold for hours to get into actual stores, so rolling out of bed, putting my glasses on, then crawling back into bed once the deed was done doesn’t seem too crazy. The site definitely went haywire once midnight hit, but I persevered and managed to successfully acquire the four pieces I’d had on my “must get” list after about twenty minutes.

….and then, when I woke up in the morning, I discovered a few more must haves.


Have I mentioned I’ve been into pink lately?? I’m super excited about all of these, except the velvet shrug…I don’t know if it’s the cut or if I have the wrong size, but I’m not sure I love it.

Steady Clothing

When I posted my “pinup staples” post about the high-waisted thrills skirt, a Steady staff member commented to let me know that the updated version of the skirt would come with POCKETS. So of course, I planned to scoop up a few! I also have a bad habit (as you can tell from this haul…) of buying skirts and no tops to pair them with, so I added a blouse too.

steadyclothingbfYou might have seen on Instagram, but both of the skirts were WAY too big, even though they’re the same size as skirts I’ve ordered before. Hopefully Steady CS will fix things!

Ains & Elke StyleHaus

I’ve followed Ains & Elke StyleHaus on Instagram for a long time, and I leapt at the chance to order something at a great deal. My skirts are custom, so they won’t be here until later this month, but I’m so excited! I actually think I’m gonna hold off on showing these until they get here so you’ll have to live in suspense 😉


So, after all that shopping, I decided that I was donezo with shopping for the year. ……and then Cyber Monday happened. I’m still waiting on this one (get it together, Modcloth), but I picked up a few more tops and a sampler set of Besame’s face powders, which I’ve been dying to try.


PHEW! That’s…sure a haul. Did you get any awesome deals during the Black Friday sales? Did you go a little (COUGH) overboard?

two new drugstore faves

two new drugstore faves

I love makeup, and though I definitely have a very soft spot in my heart for the fancy prestige brands, a lady can’t splurge on everything. So I definitely like to experiment with drugstore options! I have two drugstore products I’ve been loving lately, so I thought I’d share.

Am I a real beauty blogger now?

Milani Eye Tech Extreme Liquid Eyeliner

I’d been fairly loyal to the NYX felt-tip eyeliner, but they started drying up and crapping up on me sooner and sooner. Ain’t nobody got time for patchy eyeliner. I’d heard a lot of Youtube makeup gurus recommending Milani as a favorite drugstore brand, but I’d never tried it before. I picked up the Milani “Eye Tech Extreme” eyeliner because it promised an extreme fine tip point and easy application. I would say it definitely delivered! The pen is very natural and easy to use, and the product itself slides easily onto the skin without the tip dragging. It’s definitely wetter than the NYX product – the first few times, I definitely opened my eyes too soon and got some transfer smudged onto my eyelids. But after giving it a second or two to set, I’m super happy with how my wings have been turning out lately. I’d recommend this one to anyone who’s been struggling with winged eyeliner and wants to up their game; it’s very easy to use and feels very natural.

NYX Matte Lipstick in “Up the Bass”

I’ve been obsessing over grey lipstick lately. Thanks to an Ulta gift card I’ve been hoarding since last Christmas, I picked up a few things in their Cyber Week sale, including two grey-ish lipsticks from NYX. I’m a fan of NYX lip products, especially of the matte lipsticks. Their matte red is one of my go-tos, and it’s hard to beat the price, especially for “fantasy” colors that you might not wear much. I love both of the shades I got, but the one that’s a real winner is “Up the Bass.” It’s a gorgeous, smokey purple grey, very muted and classy. The lipstick applies mostly smoothly; I had to go over a few places to get the opacity I was looking for, but the formula is pretty good. It certainly isn’t as creamy as some high-end lipsticks, but it gets the job done. I love that it’s an unusual color while still being sedate enough to pull into a work wardrobe.

Because this wouldn’t be a proper post without a picture of me, here’s how I wore both of these products for Thanksgiving:


Are there any new products (drugstore or otherwise) that you’ve been loving lately?

my triumphant return to pants | PUG review

my triumphant return to pants | PUG review

True life: I can probably count on one hand the number of times I’ve worn pants in the past year, and never (neverrr) to work. After years of dealing with trying to find jeans, dress pants, or even ponte pants that would fit properly and make me feel fabulous, I decided to say farewell to leg prisons for good. But there was one siren that still called to me…

Ultra. Wide. Legged. Trousers.

I drooled over photos of 1940s ladies in beautifully voluminous trousers. I wanted to feel that Katharine Hepburn vibe. But whenever I happened upon a pair of vintage-style wide-legged pants, they stopped short of my size. I wasn’t even sure they would look good on my anyway, and I had sworn off pants, after all.

Enter the Doris pants from Pinup Girl Clothing. They were beautiful. They were wide as all get out. They came in my size. But still, I was nervous. When I flew out to California for Dapper Day and made a stop at the PUG Boutique, I tried on a pair of Doris pants…I probably would have gone home with them, but I really needed one size up and they were totally out of stock. So Doris went back into the “someday” cardboard box of my mind. There were always (alwayyyys) more things to buy, and it was hard to pull the trigger on the pants.

But LO! I snatched up a pair for a hell of a steal in the Zulily sale, and here is where our review begins:


First off, these pants are very high quality. They are HEAVY; the fabric is so thick and soft, and they’re actually lined all the way down the leg, so they really do hang beautifully on the body. At 5’9″, these are the perfect (PERFECT) length on me. They curtain my feet without enveloping them and juuuust avoid brushing the ground when I walk. If you’re shorter, you’ll probably need these hemmed to the appropriate length.

I love the feeling of them swishing around my legs when I walk. I only had one minor incident going up stairs, but it’s entirely possible that was due to my own legendary grace & elegance and the pants were completely uninvolved. I feel like a tall, glamorous drink of water in these.


There is an elastic panel in the back, but I personally wouldn’t size down in these. The measurements for these put me in a 3X; I tried the 2X (my usual PUG size) at the boutique and while I was successful (eventually) at zipping them up, it definitely wasn’t comfortable. If, like me, you’re hoping to wear these to work and sit and eat and all those useful things, I would follow the size chart. Even as it is now, zipping them up can be a little bit of a struggle; it would help a lot to have a clip at the top to hold the halves together so that the zipper wasn’t constantly unzipping itself as you struggle.

Overall, are they worth the money? Definitely. Would I buy another pair? ……I dunno. Honestly, though I’m happy I made my return to the world of pants with these, I just don’t get enough use out of pants to want to spend over $100 on a single pair. They are totally worth the full price, but at that price, they don’t really make sense as a part of my closet. Am I absolutely beyond thrilled that I was able to get a pair for a great deal? YES!!! If another bonkers sale pops up, I would definitely pick up another pair or two. Brown was actually my third choice option for color, but since that’s what was in stock, that’s what I went with. I could definitely see myself rocking black or charcoal, given the opportunity. For now, I’m still investing the bulk of my fashion funds in skirts and dresses, but adding a pair of pants to my wardrobe has definitely upped the versatility of it. Crazy sales are definitely a great way to try something new; who knows – you just might like it!

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