spooky style round-up

spooky style round-up

The Halloweekend has finally arrived! I already had a casual Hocus Pocus viewing with some fam & friends yesterday, but tonight’s the big night. I’m still working on some DIY parts of my costume, so knock on wood that it will all be ready in time! Meanwhile, I thought it would be fun to do a round up of all the spooky outfits I wore throughout October…I was really inspired by all the “31 Days of Halloween” gals to really step up my spooky style this year. I definitely didn’t hit 31 outfits, but I had so much fun showing off my Halloween spirit all month long (and…also in September! What can I say, I got an early start.)

September 21


I couldn’t wait to wear my Halloween Harlequin Jenny (review here), so my Halloween season kicked off just a little bit early this year…

September 24


If you got it, haunt it, baby! This pairing of florals & spook is pretty much my #aesthetic. Cute but spooky!

September 26


What goes better with a bat wall than bat wing sweater clips from Summer Blue Jewelry? (Review here.) This look was a little more low key as far as the Halloween vibes goes…

September 28


Luckily I fixed that by going FULL SPOOKY with this amazing Christmas skull sweater from Hell Bunny (review here).

September 29


Skulls and a stripey brooch…what more does a girl need?

October 1


I kicked off October with brunch with a friend…of course, I had to go in full Fannibal style.

October 3


Not quite so obviously spooky, but this outfit was my homage to The Shining (red + typewriter? Get it?)

October 7


The skull skirt is obviously a favorite. I paired it with the Gia top (review here) for my sister’s birthday dinner.

October 9


Casual ghost style for my part time job.

October 10


The Halloween Lantern skirt (review here) was definitely a big winner for me this season. I can’t even deal with how much I love Steph Buscema’s fabulous vintage-inspired Halloween print.

October 12


Preppy witch realness. These Hocus Pocus pins were a gift from my bestie – definitely jewels in my constantly growing pin collection!

October 13


Is there anything like spiderwebs and a vintage sweater? I wanted to be spooky and chic for a work event: mission accomplished! (Skirt review here.)

October 17


I’d seen a lot of gals on Instagram and Facebook wearing dresses like jumpers, and it was like a lightbulb going off! What an awesome way to make a whole new look from a dress.

October 18


I’ve been craving some poison apple accessories all season, and these collar clips from Femme de Bloom fit the bill perfectly.

October 24


After a brief break from spookiness for a work conference, I returned in full force with a skirt that matches my hair (a thing everyone needs) that I scooped up during the Modcloth Friends & Family sale. (If you’ve been wanting to check Modcloth out, they’re offering 20% off for new customers right now!)

October 25


I can already tell this mustard sweater is going to be an MVP for fall. It pairs great with the lantern skirt.

October 27


A gal’s gotta wear her spiderwebs! (Side note: I got so many compliments on my hair, which was pinned up because it was being a Real Pain. Ya never know!)

October 28


And, finally, for my last pre-Halloween spooky look, I achieved my true Pumpkin Queen form. I don’t usually wear a full crinoline to work since it’s kind of a pain to sit on all day, but it really did make me feel like prettiest witch on the block. Pumpkin necklace & clips are from Femme de Bloom.

PHEW. What a wild ride! This October was definitely the most fun one I’ve ever had, and it was all thanks to the wonderful community of lovely & enthusiastic ladies who always inspired me to try new outfits, do new crafts, and pick up JUST ONE MORE pumpkin to put around my house. Happy Halloween, ghouls! I can’t wait to see your costumes and share mine with you!

i left my heart in san francisco

i left my heart in san francisco

Okay, so I didn’t wear a flower in my hair while I was there (I tried REALLY hard to pack light for once!), but I did have a lovely time on my first visit to San Francisco this past week!


It was a work trip, so I didn’t get to do all the tourist-y things that I wanted to, but I did still have a lot of fun exploring what I could of the city!


I definitely wasn’t leaving without making it out to Smuggler’s Cove, where I tried the Kona Cocktail, an exclusive unpublished Don the Beachcomber recipe, which was very…


Wait, where’d it go?? It was definitely tasty while it lasted 😉

I ate other food.

I was staying in Japantown and took advantage of the extra-deep Japanese-style soaker tub in my room. I’m just too tall to comfortably take a relaxing bath in a standard tub, so this was real nice. And I finally got to take that classic Instagram feet-in-the-tub shot.


I saw beautiful buildings…


And sea lions…


And….other marine wildlife…..


I would definitely love to go back to explore the city more! I didn’t get to do any vintage shopping, and I only really saw major icons like the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz from a distance. I had hoped I’d have time to go to the Walt Disney Family Museum, but it just wasn’t in the cards. I’m really happy that I chose to play hooky from my last session to go check out Fisherman’s Wharf. Totally worth it! (Also I totally can’t see what I’m taking pictures of when the sun is out and my shades are on…hello, phantom finger!)


Thanks for having me, San Francisco! Hopefully I’ll see you again soon! Maybe next time I’ll bring a buddy along to take some proper pics.


walking in the spiderwebs | glam ghoul’s guide

walking in the spiderwebs | glam ghoul’s guide

Like many other glamorous ghouls, my heart was set on getting the black & white spiderweb Little Jun. It was probably at the top of my list for the Halloween collection…so I was broken hearted when I missed the release. Luckily, all was not lost.


I’ve been following the lovely Mae on Instagram for a while, so when I saw that she was selling her own custom-made spiderweb skirts in her Madcap Mae Etsy store, I jumped at the chance to achieve my webby dreams and support another gal in the community.

This is skirt is absolutely adorable. It’s very well-made and has just the right amount of fullness to hold a great shape without a petticoat. This one was custom made for my waist measurement, but she also has some ready made skirts in her shop.


The skirt does have pockets (hurray)! At first, they seemed a bit small, but they’re definitely deeper than they are wide. I can’t comfortably fit my hand inside, but they do fit my big ol’ Galaxy S6…you just kind of have to slip it in. Plus, the pockets have a special secret…


Polka dots! The bottom hem of the skirt is also lined with polka dot fabric. I love little hidden surprises like this. Speaking of surprises, the spiderwebs on this skirt also GLOW IN THE DARK! How cool is that?


I wore this skirt for a work event and got so many compliments! I paired it with a lovely mustard vintage sweater that the sweet Fabiola sent me. The instant I received the sweater,  I knew that it would go beautifully with spiderwebs for the fall. I’ve been waiting to wear this outfit for a long time, and I’m so glad that Mae allowed me to make it happen even though I missed out on the Little Jun.


To keep the look simple, I wore a chunky beaded necklace and silver spider earrings. I felt super cute and a little bit mod all day. I know it will be a struggle to resist wearing this spiderweb skirt to death in the weeks leading up to Halloween, but I also fully intend to keep wearing it year round. It’s black and white, after all – basically a neutral!


Throughout Spooktember and October, I’m sharing everything a vintage gal needs to have the perfect Halloween with costume inspiration, decor, recipes and more! Click here to find all the Glam Ghoul’s Guide posts.

staples vs. splurges

staples vs. splurges


Guess what, nerds? ModCloth is having a sale! The friends & family sale gets you 25% off sitewide on orders over $100 (and free shipping) with the code F13m64G.

I thought this would be a good time to talk about my own strategy for shopping sales like this, specifically the notion of staples vs. splurges. Let me elaborate.


As I mentioned in my pinup fashion on a budget post, shopping the sales is a great way to build your wardrobe. But during a limited sale, sometimes the pieces just don’t speak to you (and if you don’t really want it, it’s not a deal. That’s something I still have to remind myself every time I prowl through the sale section on a site!). A sitewide sale means you have free rein, but that can also be overwhelming! Don’t let anyone tell you that being fabulous doesn’t require strategizing.


The splurge is that thing that you just can’t justify purchasing at full price. You stare and daydream, maybe even put it in and out of your cart, just to imagine buying it. Usually, these are sought-after pieces that rarely if ever go on sale themselves. You could stalk them until they hit the final sale clearance…but who knows if your size will still be in stock by that point, and you risk missing it altogether. Instead, take advantage of the power of choice to bring a splurge item closer to your acceptable price range.


The staple is not that exciting. It’s the thing that you always wish you had in your wardrobe, but that never seems to make it to the top of your “to-buy” list. There’s always something a little flashier bumping it down. I love to stock up on staples during deals like this, picking up several cardigans or relatively plain skirts; these are things that help you build a comprehensive wardrobe and allow your “splurge” pieces to shine. You gotta have the staples, so it’s always great to get them for a great deal!

I like getting my staples on sale, because it gives me more leeway to splurge when I really want to (like, for example, when a bunch of a super limited edition Halloween pieces get released…). At least, that’s what I tell myself! We’ve had an especially warm fall this year, so I’m definitely still in the transitional period between sundresses and sweaters. It’s the perfect time to pick up the pieces that are going to make my fall fashion extra fabulous.

The friends & family sale runs through October 17 – is there anything you have your eye on?

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. I will only ever affiliate myself with companies that I personally enjoy & recommend! All content & opinions are my own.

light my lantern | PUG review

light my lantern | PUG review

I don’t do pencil skirts. I’m a swing kind of lady, the fuller the better. But I’ve been in love with the Halloween Lantern print since the first preview, and I couldn’t justify buying two Jenny dresses from the Halloween line, especially with a print that really is very holiday specific. So I bit my lip, and I took the plunge.


I feel a little terrible reviewing these Halloween pieces when they’ve all been flying off the shelves (metaphorically speaking) and you can’t actually buy them anymore, but I also can’t not talk about them! Hopefully some of this advice will be helpful for shoppers looking to buy the high-waisted pencil skirt in other prints!


First off, Stephanie Buscema’s print is GORGEOUS in real life, as I knew it would be. I love her art, but the way Pinup Girl Clothing uses it in their designs isn’t always too my taste. I love this charming all-over print that’s just the right mix of  cute and spooky.

I sized up from my normal 2X according to the size chart, and I’m glad I did. Like the Little Jun skirt, this pencil skirt has elastic panels along the back to help for a perfect fit. I was tempted to stick with my usual size because of that, but it would have been uncomfortably tight through the hips and thighs if I had.


Since I knew I was waiting for this skirt to drop, I preloaded my cart with a few extras to get me to the free shipping minimum so I wouldn’t have to waste time when the skirt itself came out. I knew these Splendette bangles would be the perfect match and super versatile for fall!


And, pin addict that I am, I had to have the limited edition enamel pins featuring art from the skirt that Stephanie was selling in her Etsy. I got them a little while ago, but I saved them for this outfit! My pumpkin earrings from Summer Blue Jewelry were the cherry on the sundae.


I’ve also been experimenting with lipstick lately! I saw a review of the Urban Decay Vice lipstick palette and couldn’t resist. It’s been a lot of fun to try out colors that I wouldn’t have bought a full tube of…let me know if you’re interested in seeing swatches/a full review of that palette.


I can’t wait to plan more outfits with my new lantern skirt! There’s a lot of spooky looks to fit in before Halloween rolls around!

(As of this writing, the high waisted Halloween Lantern pencil skirt is still available in XS and S.)



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spooky sweater | hell bunny review

spooky sweater | hell bunny review


The first time I saw this sweater, it was kismet. A perfect blend of Halloween and Christmas, ideal for wearing all fall and winter long? I had to have it!

I ordered my sweater from Cats Like Us which no longer has it in stock, but you can find it pretty much anywhere Hell Bunny is sold.


I ordered the sweater in my usual 2X; it’s wearable, but a bit tight. There isn’t a ton of stretch to the bust where the skull detail is, so definitely size up if you want a looser fit or have a larger bust. It’s also definitely quite short; since I would only ever wear it with something high-waisted, it’s not a dealbreaker.


The keyhole detail at the neckline is one of my favorite parts – it really gives some extra fun to an otherwise basic shape. The print, of course, is anything but basic. I love the cute little crossed bone ornament details above the skulls. It looks great with all things black and spooky for Halloween, and it’ll be so fun to pair it with red and green for a creepy Christmas look.


Since I was wearing all black and white, I wanted to go bright with my hair accessories. I felt a little bit self-conscious with this big ol’ Kiki’s Delivery Service bow, but also incredibly adorable. Worth it!



Throughout Spooktember and October, I’m sharing everything a vintage gal needs to have the perfect Halloween with costume inspiration, decor, recipes and more! Click here to find all the Glam Ghoul’s Guide posts.

1 dress, 4 costumes | glam ghoul’s guide

1 dress, 4 costumes | glam ghoul’s guide

Don’t know what you’re going to be for Halloween? You’re in luck! I have some ideas.

A little black dress is a must for any woman’s wardrobe, but it also makes quite a fabulous costume. When you have a good base piece, all you need to transform it into a costume are some well-placed accessories. So I’ve taken the black Jenny dress from Pinup Girl Clothing and made FOUR (that’s right, four!) different costumes! (Feel free to sub in the black dress of your choosing.)

Note: These sets are just intended for inspiration; apart from the Jenny dress, I can’t vouch for the quality of any of the products contained therein!


Glam Witch



There’s no Halloween costume more classic than a witch! Pick out a statement hat and some stripey socks and accessorize as you choose! I went all black for this one, but purple and green are always great accent colors for witches.


Classy Cat


If you’re a Taylor Swift fan, you probably already own a cat ear headband and you’re halfway there! A choker-style necklace is perfect to sub in as a collar, and cute touches like mouse earrings helps sell the look.


Vampire Vixen


A lacy shrug and dramatic corset belt completely transforms the sweet Jenny dress into something befitting a ferocious lady vampire. The batwing boots are a tad on the nose, but I just couldn’t help myself! Definitely go as over-the-top gothic as possible in your accessories.

Wealthy Widow



How unlucky can you be, to have just lost your third husband? Definitely a great choice for the last minute gal, put on your prettiest jewelry, a hat with a black veil and an unconvincingly sad expression, and you’re golden!

I hope that one of these ideas helped get your creative juices flowing!

Let me know if you’d like to see me do another one dress, multiple costumes piece, or if there’s some other costume theme you’d like to see. I love making inspiration boards like this!


Throughout Spooktember and October, I’m sharing everything a vintage gal needs to have the perfect Halloween with costume inspiration, decor, recipes and more! Click here to find all the Glam Ghoul’s Guide posts.